Chinese iPhone 4 Clones are Crap Right? Look Again! YoPhone Tear Down!

Chinese iPhone 4 clones are now at their peak. Externally they look stunningly well crafted and replicate the much desired iPhone 4 look down to a ‘T’. The user interfaces, be it Java based or preferably Android, are getting the iOS look and are even to beginning to give the mobile Apple OS a run for it’s money!
Even the hardware specifications are reaching iPhone 4 proportions!

But how about the actual guts of these knock off iPhone 4’s. How much design, thought and engineering has actually gone in to making those glossy black (and white) copycats!

Judging by the following video and photos taken during a recent tear down of the new YoPhone iPhone 4 Clone (made by the same people who brought the SoPhone) a hell of a lot!!!

The the PCB and other circuitry are impeccably made items.

Also beautifully made is the steel skeleton on to which the various custom made circuit boards and the awesomely accurate iPhone 4-a-like body attaches too.

Take a look at the video below for the full tear down.

We don’t doubt that just as much thought went into the YoPhone’s internals as the iPhone 4’s, although the YoPhone engineers did have a bit of a stepping stone…

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