Latest iPhone 4 Clone Gets External Antenna

There are seriously to many iPhone 4 clones on the market to count and each of which falls in to a certain category!

1) There are those which look nothing like an iPhone 4

2) Clones which look exactly the same as an iPhone down to the JAVA based fake iOS.

3) Clone which look and work as well as an iPhone 4 and even have iPhone 4 level hardware, but run Android.

4) And those that look perfect inside and out and use a skinned Android OS to really mimic the iPhone 4.

This latest clone looks to fit in to category 2 or 3 at the moment (we’ll find out what the OS looks like later) It gets the glass alloy glass sandwich look of the genuine iPhone 4, a front facing camera, a rear LED flash and even gets a mini SIM card slot!

But this clone may have gone ‘full clone’ as it is the first iPhone 4 clone to date to use the alloy surround as its antenna, just like the original iPhone 4!

We’ll have more photos of this cunning iPhone 4 knock-off later so you can see the OS.

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