Apple’s Find My iPhone Useless in China!

iPhone theft is a common problem in China!

Just 5 minutes ago I left my office in Qingdao, China and headed out in to the scorching summer heat!
As soon as I hit the trendier area of town I was approached by a man (not for the first time) with an iPhone 4 in hand, “3000 (Yuan)” he said, I replied with a polite “No”. “2000” he replied. Again I declined! “1000!” was his answer!

And I am sure he would have continued to reduce his asking price!

1000 Yuan ($154) for an iPhone 4! I was seriously tempted, but turned down the bargain price for the obviously stolen Apple iPhone 4.

This got me thinking about my personal phone, perhaps I should set up Apples ‘Find My iPhone’, which is free for iOS devices with iOS 4.2 and above.

Find My iPhone is free for all iOS devices with iOS 4.2 and above.So that’s what I’ve done. I taken a  brisk walk to the coffee shop, followed the instructions from Apple oh how to set up the free ‘Find My iPhone’ service:

And I’ve logged in to to check if everything is working!

Google's Maps only works to a certain level in China, but MobileMe wont let me zoom out no matter how much I try!

And it doesn’t!

As you can see Apple are relying on Google’s mapping servers to serve up the location of my iPhone, but due to Google’s limited mapping capabilities in China, not to mention the dispute they are currently going through with the Chinese mapping committee, my phone’s location cannot be displayed!

Zooming out doesn’t help either!

This is how it should look! But in China you don't get the map!

Sure I can still lock the phone, wipe it and even send rude messages to anyone who might get my phone without my permission, but I won’t be able to hunt them down and get my phone back!

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With iPhone 4’s, both black and white flying out of stores left and right from Chinese stores, and with Apple making China a top priority for sales and marketing, you would think that Jobs and Co. would try their best to protect iOS users in China!

Youku as defaut would give the iPhone its missing video streaming app in China.

If Apple are truly committed to the Chinese market they need to catch up with what China is doing/allowing.
China’s offers a great mapping service which could be used to help me find my phone, YouTube could be replaced with a built in Youku or Tudou application and what about adding a Chinese calendar to the springboard?

With the imminent release of the iPhone 5 and presumably iOS 5 I wonder if we will see Apple shift in a more China friendly direction.

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