We Wanted An iPad 2 Clone, And Unfortunately This is it!

Rear of the iPad 2 clone gets a rear camera

Last month we broke news of a Chinese tablet maker’s promise to release an iPad 2 clone within the month! Well, as expected they were late delivering on their promise, and unfortunately have failed to deliver the hardware goods!

The rear of this iPad clone looks just like the real thing

The first time we learned anything of this clone some really impressive specs were tagged on to the rumors. Impressive features like front and rear cameras, the possibility of 3G and GPS and the chance the CPU will be a dual core unit!

But, now the first ever iPad 2 clone is here, it is seriously unimpressive!

Gizchina News of the week

A resistive screen is found on this iPad 2 clone

Yes, there are 2 cameras built in (of unknown quality) but the screen is a 9.7 inch resistive unit rather than a capacitive, there is no GPS or 3G (as of yet), the CPU is a cheap 800mHz unit and just like the real iPad, this clone lacks built in HDMI, USB and other typical Android tablet features.

iPad 2 clone pictured next to the real thing!

Fortunately the makers of this Android 2.2 tablet, haven’t filled their own head with a false sense of grandeur, and they have kept the price down to a modest 800 Yuan ($123).

Another good piece of news that comes with the launch of this rather lack luster iPad 2 clone is that future models can only get better!

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Via: 1Pad.cn

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