Xiaomi and iPhone 4 Component Cost The Same Yet iPhone is Double the Price!

Xiaomi better spec than iPhone 4 cheaper price
Xiaomi's new smartphone has a better specification than the iPhone 4 but is half less than the price!

The Xiaomi dual core Android smartphone boasts some amazing hardware specs, such as a 4 inch Sharp screen, dual core CPU and a 5 mega-pixel camera, but the RRP is only 1999 Yuan ($312) or if you’re lucky only 1680 Yuan online ($262) so how much does a Xiaomi actually cost to make? Not much more than an iPhone 4 is your answer!

The below prices were posted over on the Sohu tech blog and show the component cost of the Xiaomi ‘Little Mistress’ Android smart phone.

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xiaomi component price list
Xiaomi component price list

The only component missing from the list is the 4 inch Sharp touch screen which cost 182 Yuan, bringing the Xiaomi’s component cost to a rather low 1130.68 Yuan ($177).

Now lets take a look at the iPhone 4 component cost.

iPhone 4 component price list
iPhone 4 component price list

The total price of the componenets to make an iPhone 4 is only a fraction more than the Xiaomi! $187.51!

The iPhone 4 retails at 4999 Yuan ($782) in China for the 16Gb model, and has a smaller screen than the Xiaom and a single core CPU and only 512mb RAM.

The Xiaomi retails for 1999 Yuan ($312) less if you can find it online, has a 4 inch screen from Sharp (the same company are heavily investing in), a 1.5Ghz dual core Snapdragon CPU, and 1Gb RAM!

Either Apple are ripping people off again, or the Xiaomi is one hell of a bargain smartphone!

Via: Sohu

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