New White Macbook Knock-off Features Multi-touch

Knock-off white Macbook with multi-touch gesture supportApple may have discontinued the aging plastic white Macbook and replaced it with the super sexy 11 inch Macbook Air, but that doesn’t mean the white Macbook is dead! The white Macbook is very much alive in China, as a knock-off that is!

This isn’t the first Macbook clone found in China, and judging by the popularity of the knock-off Apple laptops, it won’t be the last, however this new counterfeit Macbook boasts one feature previous clones lacked! A multi-touch trackpad!

The fake Macbook doesn't have the Apple logo but it still looks fantastic
The fake Macbook doesn't have the Apple logo but it still looks fantastic

If you were to see this white plastic bodied laptop out in the coffee shop, or at a computer store you would easily mistake it for the white Macbook. Only on closer inspection would you notice the lack of glowing Apple logo, but even without that the similarities are striking!

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fake macbook multi touch
Multi touch gesture support is a bonus on this Macbook clone

The big selling point of this knock-off white Macbook is the multi-touch trackpad, something which previous clones didn’t get. The fake Macbook supports 2 and 3 finger gestures, meaning you can 2 finger scroll and swipe through web pages just as you would on a genuine Mac laptop.

Knock off Macbook keyboard

Under the plastic exterior hides some rather unimpressive hardware. A 1.8Ghz Intel Atom CPU runs the show with 1Gb RAM and 160Gb hard drive providing the memory.

Battery power comes from a 3500 Mah battery, which won’t last very long with brightness turned up on the 13.3 inch 1366×768 resolution LCD screen, and even less so if you use the built in DVD burner!

However if you’re just after a cheap laptop that happens to look like an Apple and does a great job of web browsing and other light computer work this Macbook knock-off could be exactly what you’re looking for! However we still prefer this awesome Macbook Pro clone!

Contact us for more details about this white Macbook clone!

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  1. TheCollector
    September 29, 2012

    Hey Andy,
    I’m new here , i like your website and … i have an question :
    Where can i buy this
    Can i download game with this ?
    Is it free shipping to Brunei Darussalam?