New 16GB and 32GB GooApple 3G Launched

16 and 32Gb gooapple 3g now available
Now built in storage of up to 32GB is available on the GooApple 3G


The GooApple 3G is the BEST iPhone 4 clone hands down! Nothing get’s near it’s amazing 1:1 replica body, and I’m sure Steve Jobs himself would take a second glance at the mighty fine iOS skinned Android operating system!

Believe it or not though, but the GooApple just got better!

Gizchina News of the week

16-32GB GooApple Android iPhone 4 Knock-off Available in China!

The original GooApple 3G with it’s amazing specification is a steal at $200, but some people found the 8GB built in Flash NAND storage not enough to hold all their porn music and movies on.


gooapple 3g china
The latest 3G Gooapple is by far the best!


Well for those of you who are likely to go blind if you keep doing ‘that’, GooApple have released two new, larger capacity GooApple 3G smartphones.

A 16GB GooApple is now available at $259.99 while the top of the range 32GB GooApple iPhone 4 clone is priced at $299.99.

Head over to Android-Sale to bag one!

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