HDC A9100 Android S2 Preview

HDC A9100 Android S2 Preview


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While not all of the Android devices available in China today are unique, they do all seem to be improving in the hardware and quality department.

One such amazingly beautiful device is the HDC A9100, a smart phone with large 4.2-inch capitative screen which closely resembles the rather remarkable Samsung Galaxy S2.

Like the Galaxy S2, the HDC A9100 features an Android operating system, in this case it is  Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread, which supports all major languages and even boasts the Android Market! A bonus for a Chinese smartphone!.

The screen is slightly smaller than the Galaxy S2 as it measures 4.2-inch rather than 4.3. Also the screen on the HDC isn’t Super AMOLED, but rather a HVGA unit with a resolution of 480 x 800.

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The front camera on the HDC is a 2.0 Mega-pixel unit, which should be more than adequate for video calls and the odd mug shot, while the rear camera is a better rated 5.0 mega-pixel camera!

What we like about the HDC A9100

  • If looks fantastic.
  • The huge 4.2 inch screen with extremely responsive controls.
  • It’s light at only 165g with battery.
  • Thin at only 11.5 mm
  • Pictures and video look fantastic on the 480 x 800 resolution screen.
  • There is the option to watch analog TV
  • The SD card reader allows for up to 32GB SD cards to be used! Plenty of storage for photos, apps, music and videos!

The HDC A9100 is one of the best locally made Chinese phones on the market today! It runs a real OS, has plenty of excellent features, and the quad-band receiver means it will work flawlessly in most countries!

If you would like to pick up a HDC A9100 for yourself head over to Lightake.com where you can pick one up for only $294.

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  • Denis

    You are recommending Lightake.com but they announce the item as in stock and after buying it
    waiting a week I was contacted saying that they would only have it in one or more week later
    to be shipped.
    It is disappointing as I was waiting the phone as a Christmas gift…
    Anyway the item is shown as ‘in stock’ at the website… it s not fair.

  • Nara

    I bought it 3 months ago,
    I’m quite disappointed:

    GPS chip inoperative signal is too low, without internet it’s impossible
    Wifi chip signal is too low difficult to be connected
    Memory too low with several consequences: unable to keep several SMS, MMS, calls history the system becomes very slow.
    Camera: is definitely less than 1 M
    I did a claim 2 months ago still no answer.

    Only positive point double sim management ok

  • Diman

    Terrible phone, don’t even think to buy one – it’s a very cheap Chinese fake of Samsung S2
    I’ve bought one – after a month the USB charging socket broke (has to fix it myself in a private cellular lab), GPS not workng (or working very unstable & unprecise), TOO LOW internal memory (256MB) yields after a short use to a CONSTANT system error that there is now space – removing (or moving to SD) apps & cache doesn’t help, still the very same error message and the phone gets very very slow!

    In other words – it’s a piece of crap, and it’s not about the money spent in vain, it’s about the time I’ve spent investigating & trying to resolve WHAT CAN’T BE RESOLVED! In conclusion, it’s just a nice wrapper to a very crappy hardware.

    P.S My seller (Etotalk) stopped responding to me right after I’ve presented him with the 1-st problem. Berver buy from Etotalk – very unreliable!