Get Android on your TouchPad Part 2

The team of developers behind CyanogenMod have updated their release to Alpha 2 which should get Android running a little smoother on your HP Touchpad with a few less bugs.

While the first Alpha release of CyanogenMod prooved to be pretty functional there some users found there were batter drain problems, bugs with the Android market and problems with Wi-Fi after waking the Touchpad.

The update should address those problems while also bringing some other useful updates:

  • The battery drain issues have been partially fixed so the battery should last longer, especially when the TouchPad is idle.
  • The Android Market fix has been incorporate so that if you install the gApps package you should see most available apps in the Market.
  • WiFi should no longer disconnect when you resume from sleep.
  • The speaker should turn off when you plug in headphones.
  • The ACMEInstaller app should work better.
  • There’s now an ACME UnInstaller app if you want to completely remove Android and restore your original webOS media partition to its original size.

To get the full, detailed instructions on how to get Android on your HP Touchpad head over to Liliputing where they also have download links.

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