How To: Update Meizu MX Firmware

Meizu mx launch date,buy meizu mx,meizu mx specification,meizu mx international,meizu mx quad core,quad core android phoneSo you have your hands on one of the rather fantastic Meizu MX dual core Android smartphone, and you want to update the firmware to the latest version? Well follow these 6 simple steps.

If Meizu are going to be offering updates and bug fixes as often as they did last year with the Meizu M9 i.e weekly at some points, for the new Meizu MX it’s time to familiarise yourself with the update procedure.

Thankfully Meizu have made updating your MX Android version as simple and painless as possible. Just remember to back up your contacts before updating as they WILL be cleared, you may also want to back up music, apps and photos too to be on the safe side.

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How to update Meizu MX

  1. Connect the USB-cable to your PC and copy the upgrade file (update.bin) to the root directory of the internal memory.
  2. Safely disconnect the USB-cable and power off your MX.
  3. Press the “Power Button” and the “Volume-Up” button simultaneously until a screen “System Upgrade” appears.
  4. Press “Upgrade” to install the firmware or “Restart” to reboot your MX. To remove all data on your MX, select “Clear Data Simultaneously” before pressing “Upgrade”. This will not affect the internal storage.
  5. The MX will start updating the firmware. Do NOT power off.
  6. When the update process is completed, the MX will automatically restart.


Some helpful tips

If you find you update completes but the phone won’t reboot, you may need to take the battery out, replace it and turn it on, it should be fine then (this often happens with the M9)

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Also another helpful tip from the Meizume forum:

If you’re updating several times, remember to remove the old update.bin and not do my mistake (sitting for a couple of hours before understanding that update(1).bin wont work.)

Meizu MX Review

Don’t forget to read our Meizu MX reveiw here.

Thanks to HondaRacer over at Meizume for the how to!

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  1. marek
    December 18, 2015

    What is root directory???

  2. Guest
    December 18, 2015

    What is root directory???