How To: Free Ringtone With App Android

Want to get some custom ringtones on your Android phone or 3G enabled tablet? Why not a ringtone made right out of your music collection? Find out how here.

As is often the case with Android and thanks to all the great apps in the Android Market, getting free ringtones on your Android device is as easy as pie!


How to get free ringtones for Android

First of all you you will need to download the best free ringtone app for Android, which we believe to be Ringdroid.

Head into the Android market app and download free ringtones for Android app Ringdroid, by searching and choosing install.

Alternatively click the link below:

Download Ringdroid Best Free Ringtone Maker for Android here

You can find detailed instructions on how to install Android apps here.

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How to use Ringdroid Free Ringtone App Android

Ringdroid is the best free ringtone app for Android because it allows us to splice our own music to create custom ringtones.

  1. Once Ringdroid is installed on your Android phone or tablet open it up and choose a song you want to make a free Android ringtone from. If you have a large library you can use the search function.
  2. Ringdroid will show you the sound waves of the song you selected. You can use the play button to choose the exact spot in the song you want to cut.
  3. Using the drag tool, set the start and end of your custom Android ringtone.
  4. Once you are happy with your selection click “save”. You will now be asked to name your ringtone, and you will have options to set your new free ringtone as the default tone or as a custom tone.

This is only one way in which you can make free ringtones for Android, if you have another way or you know of an app better than our best free ringtone app for Android, Ringdroid, let us know in the comments below.

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