Top 5 Best Free Music App Android

The greatest thing about Android and the devices it is available on is its versatile media player, but what use is a media player without music? Keep reading to see our top 5 free Android music downloads apps.

This list is in no particular order as we think that each one is great for snagging some free MP3 music files for your Android device.


Music Junk

1. Don’t judge this free music app by its name as it is one for the best free Android music downloads apps available in the Android Market!

Music Junk lets you search and download free music on Android. There is also support for streaming and lyrics.


Music Box PRO

2. Although you this free music for Android phones app is no longer available in the Android Market, you can easily find it through a little googling.

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Music BOX Pro Android free music app is a truly fantastic free music app for Android which not only allows you to download music by title but also by MTV’s Top 100 or Billboard’s Hot 100!


Music Download

3. As the name would suggest this app allows you get free music download for Android phones and tablets.
Just search for the song or music you want to download to your Android device and download if for free.


MP3 Download

4. MP3 Download lets you download free music on Android phones and tablets. Not only that but there are millions of free songs available for download.

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This free Android music app allows you to download free MP3’s directly to your Android tablet or phone, edit the music as a ringtone and save the file to you SD card!


Music Paradise

5. Music Paradise is one of the best free music apps on Android. It’s a really simple Android app for downloading free music and it works really well!

Do you have any alternative methods to downloading free music to your Android phone or Android tablet? If so let us know in the comments section below!

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