Shanghai Boy Immitates Mobile Game Jumps Out of 5 Story Apartment

boy jumps from apartment in shanghai with umbrella

It’s never a good idea to imitate what happens in a video game, whether it be dressing up as a plumber and jumping down drains, or heading to the local supermarket for a spot of fruit ninja, but one Shanghai boy must have gotten carried away with his umbrella jump game!

The young boy attempted to copy his mobile phone game by parachuting from a 5th story apartment window in Hongqiao district of Shanghai with an umbrella.

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Amazingly the boy survived the 5 floor plunge with no serious injuries as he managed to land into a rain canopy.

The boy’s mother send her son must have been trying to imitate an umbrella jump game which he had been playing non stop for the past few days!

We best stay out of his way after he’s spend a few days playing Angry Birds!

Via: Penn-olson

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