Top 10 Most Amazing iOS 6 Features Hands on!

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iOS 6 was finally announced and released for developers to download yesterday and many of us have had nearly a full day to play around with the latest version of the Apple mobile OS. Here are our top favorite features of iOS 6.

Unlike most early iOS 6 users we have been lucky enough to get our hands on time with the Chinese version of the latest iPhone, iPod and iPad OS, which uses it’s own version of the new Apple maps application plus boasts Weibo social network integration as well as Facebook and Twitter.

Anyway keep reading to see our top 10 iOS 6 features of Beta 1 with screenshots.

Gizchina’s top 10 iOS 6 Features

Apple Maps for iOS6

Like a lot of people we were eager to get our hands on Apple’s all new map application, and we have not been disappointed!

For the Chinese version of iOS 6 Apple have teamed up with AutoNavi, a Chinese GPS software maker who have applications for both iOS and Android.

Like Google maps before it Apple and AutoNavi’s version of the map application in iOS6 is vector based and allows users to zoom in and out using the tried and trusted pinch to zoom method. Also like Google Maps you can choose between map view, satellite and hybrid modes.

apple map app ios 6 beta featuresFor the Chinese version maps for iOS6 is much clearer and more detailed than Google maps and is a serious update.

Navigation has been improved to with a nice large prompt giving you details of your next turn and options to see an overview of the whole map.

ios 6 landscape map navigation iphone 4The greatest feature of Maps for iOS6 for us though is landscape mode! This simple feature makes maps all the better to use when driving!!

Another nice feature in maps for iOS6 is the option to print out a map using a connected printer.


iOS 6 Improved Sharing options

iOS has always had a way to share, via email, URL’s or pictures but in iOS 6 the sharing options have been vastly improved!

Not only is the sharing menu much better looking, but the ways in which you can share photos, links and other information has been improved upon too!

social media sharing options ios 6As you can see from the screen shot here you once the sharing option is chosen you can choose to share via email, sms message, Twitter, Facebook, Weibo and you can even print or copy!


Full screen Safari in iOS 6

ios 6 safari featuures full screenWhile most phone makers are going for larger screens Apple, for the time being, is sticking to the 3.5 inch screen on both the iPhone and iPod meaning a times screen real estate can be a little cramped.

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ios 6 full screen safari gizchinaThankfully for iOS 6 Apple have given Safari a full screen option which removes the address bar and options bars from the window and replaces them with transparent back and forward buttons!

Gizchina News of the week

Improved UI for iPod, Weather ETC

Apple have also given some of it’s stock apps a refresh with both the weather and iPod applications receiving updated, more modern looking skins.

ios 6 ipod and weather applicationsEven the pull to refresh in Mail has been updated with a new slime glob in place of the original arrow design of iOS 5.

Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb is a setting found in the settings menu which once turned on will prevent push messages showing up and disturbing you while you rest.

ios 6 do not disturb settingThis could also be extremely useful while in a meeting or at work.


Improved Privacy Settings in iOS 6

Privacy has been given an overhaul in iOS 6 and has it’s own settings window to.

ios 6 privacy settings iphoneFrom the Privacy options screen you can choose which applications can gain access to your contacts, calendars, reminders and photos.

Tap to Tweet

tap to tweet notification center ios6Now the excellent notification center also acts as as quick and easy place to tweet from rather than having to enter the Twitter application.


Integrated Facebook, Twitter and Weibo

Twitter has been part of iOS for a while, but it is great to see that Apple have expanded upon the social network integration and added Facebook and Weibo.

social media sharing options ios 6While Facebook and Weibo don’t boast an easy update option from the notification center, they are present in all the sharing windows meaning you can easily share your location, photo, a web link or other details with friends and family in iOS 6.

VIP email inbox

For those of us who get tons for emails iOS 6 has a new VIP inbox which lets you have emails from certain contacts placed in a VIP folder saving you from wading through your spam, junk and mails from your boss to get at your fan mail.

Slide to answer

Just as iOS 5.1.1 came allows you to slide your camera icon up from the lock screen to take photos, iOS 6 will also allow you to answer phone calls the same way!

Well those are our top 10 iOS6 features for the first iOS 6 beta, but according to Apple there are 190 more great iOS 6 features to drool over!

If you have some different favorites please let us know in the comments section below!

Thanks to @weirdhongkong for the help putting together this article!

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