Xiaomi M1 Hacked To Run Windows 98 and XP!

Evidence of just how popular the Xiaomi M1 is all over China, the phone seems to be as popular as the iPhone when looking around the phone users on the bus or subway and the companies Weibo account is thriving, so it is of little surprise that a modding community have emerged.

This is the first hack of it’s kind we have seen on the Xiaomi M1 and if the below video is to be believed it allows users to run either Windows 98 or the still very popular Windows XP operating system on the Xiaomi virtually as an application!

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We’re not entirely sure on the technical side of how this M1 owner managed to get the aging Windows platform to run on his Xiaomi smartphone, or why you would even want to, but the M1’s hardware are surely more than up to the job of powering the desktop OS thanks to it’s dual core 1.2 ghz CPU and 1GB ram!


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1 Comment

  1. Anonimus
    July 31, 2012

    What’s so wonderful about this? This is just bosch emulator…