Grefu Updates The Commodore 64 With Built in Track Pad and DVD!

Remember back in the day when home computers like the Commodore 64 ruled? Well Chinese brand Grefu want to bring back some of that all in one home computer action with their K252 all in one PC!

Like the Commodore 64 and similar computers of the era (Amstrad, Sinclair etc) the Grefu K252 comprises of a basic black keyboard with large inline track pad and if you weren’t to look further you might just believe that’s all you are looking at.

A quick glance at the rear though soon shows the true potential for the K252 as there are plugs and ports for all sorts of external goodies such as VGA monitors, HDMI out, USB and built in Ethernet!

There is even a built in DVD drive located on the right side under the track pad, making this keyboard computer a true all in one, well except for the screen.

Internally you get all the standard features you would expect such as Wi-fi, a 1.8Ghz Atom CPU, 2GB RAM and a 250GB hard drive making this computer a much more powerful and competent beast to our old Amiga’s and Commodore’s!

Prices will start at 1500 Yuan ($235) for the base model but will rise depending on RAM and hard drive sizes.

Grefu are better known for their iPad clones which include a knock off New iPad and their fantastic looking Macbook Air replica ultrabooks!

Source: Grefu

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