iPhone 5 cases available in China look like a bigger iPhone 4S

Every year around this time Chinese phone cover makers begin to produce rubber sleeves and hard covers for the latest Apple phones and devices but if these latest iPhone 5 cases are really for the new iPhone I’m already disappointed!

This time last year Chinese phone cover makers began to produce covers for the new iPhone which suggested the new iPhone would feature a larger screen and teardrop tapered design! As we all now know these companies were way off and Apple released the iPhone 4S instead.

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With the new iPhone, the iPhone 5  or ‘New iPhone’ launch date fast approaching Chinese phone cover makers are trying to guess what Apple will launch next and seem to have decided on a design similar to the current iPhone 4S but with a longer screen.

Other than the length of the rubber cases nothing much else hints at what the new iPhone may of may not have other than what appears to be the inclusion of a mini dock connector!

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Source: Techcrunch

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  1. November 4, 2012

    Wow, your telling the truth about China’s cell phones. And I’ve been buying some lately. I enjoyed my 4s clones and some of my friends bought some too.
    I’m going to get my galaxy note 2 or android note 2 in the mail pretty soon. It going to arive soon. I have enjoyed the note 1 from China also. I have to addmit
    the technology in the China phones is amazing. I love the clones. I can afford them and I don’t have drop calls either. And if theres something I don’t understand I look up the translation of it. WOW there great phones and I like your truth in your website, Thumbs up and keep keeping us informed. It helps us know where and what we may want to spend our money on, and your website is deicated in helping us do just that,, Thak you. Kary