JiaYu G3 Leaked Photos!

The dual-core Jiayu G3 Android smart phone is currently in a state of limbo with some stores claiming it is on sale while other say it’s coming soon! Well if you are getting frustrated about where to get one, chill out relax and take a look at the JiaYu G3 photo’s after the jump!

As you can see from the JiaYu G3 leaked photos gallery below, the Chinese smart phone look every bit as fantastic as we had hoped! The brushed alloy body, slim styling and large screen all work together to produce one of the best looking Android phones on the market.

The JiaYu G3 is expected to launch later this week or possible early next week and we suspect the delay in launch may have to do with today’s New iPad launch which is grabbing the headlines. However, when the dual core, dual SIM JiaYu G3 does arrive in stores prices are expected to start at $210 rising to $250.

For full specifications of the JiaYu G3 Chinese phone head over to our previous articles about this Chinese super phone found here and here.


JiaYu G3 Leaked Photos Gallery


Source: Gizmochina

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