WTF! JiaYu announces chance with win Jiayu G3 but no launch date!

I’m sick I want to get off! I can hardly take any more of this roller coaster ride Chinese phone brand JiaYu are putting us through! Yesterday we heard it was delays and today we find out the fans now have a chance to win the unlaunched phone over the next 5 days!

These past few weeks Chinese phone brand JiaYu have been doing a fine job of filling in for Meizu on the false start and broken promises front, with false launches, leaked pictures, delayed launches and now a confirmed launch date!!

According to JiaYu’s Sina Weibo account their dual-core JiaYu G3 Android phone with 4.5 inch screen, dual sim support and monster battery will be up for grabs until the  13th August! With the lucky winner to be announced on the 14th August.

It is hoped that the G3 will then be official launched on the 14th of August, but please read that again while reaching for your pinch of salt!

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