Nokia Windows 8 Phone Leaked in China!

Window’s phones don’t show up all that often here in Gizchina so this leaked photos is quiet special and could picture a soon to be released Windows 8 phone in China!

Despite Microsoft claiming to be gaining on the iPhone here in the Chinese market I can honestly say I don’t see the evidences, at least not in Qingdao where it seems iPhone’s are still donminent and if you can’t afford one you have a Xiaomi M1.

However this could all change with Window’s 8 and Micorsofts team up with Nokia, and the phone pictured above could be the device to make it happen.

This photo originally popped up on a Chinese website but was taken down. I eventually tracked it down over at Ubergizmo who claimed it is either;

  • A clever hack of a phone running Windows 8.
  • A  Lumia 800 prototype which never made the cut.
  • Or an all new Windows 8 phone leaked and heading for release.

As Window’s 8 fever spreads and Chinese buyers look at alternative operating systems and phones for a little bit of individualiy away from the iPhone and Xiaomi users, MS could see some potential growth over the coming months!

What do you guys think would you ever be tempted to dump Android or iOS for Windows phone?

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