MediaTek MT6588 Quad-core CPU’s Going in to production in October

Reports have emerged that chip manufacturer MediaTek are planning to put their next generation quad-core MT6588 CPU in to production as early as October!

Following on from the popularity of  the dual-core MTK MT6577 quad-core CPU which is found in literally hundreds of high-performance low-cost Chinese phones, MediaTek have released plans they will be making a limited production run of quad-core MT6588 CPU’s next month.

The limited run of these low-cost quad-core CPU’s will be headed to current phone manufacturers to try out in either updated version of their current phones or possibly in all new next generation quad-core devices!

The MedaiTek MT6588 quad-core CPU is designed to cope with cameras of over 10 mega-pixels, will support dual-sim WCDMA and capture 1080p video.

With any luck we will be getting our first glimpses of next generation quad-core Chinese phones very soon!


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