Waterproof Lenovo A660 ICS Phone Could have been my perfect mountain biking phone!

Lenovo have really stepped up their game and have moved from bland phones to the type of phones people can really get excited about. The quad-core K860 is a prime example and the waterproof Lenovo A660…. has missed the mark!

While I’m not reporting on the latest Chinese tech news my passion is downhill mountain biking, a sport which isn’t to kind too smartphones! So when I saw news of the dual-core Lenovo A660 I got suitably excited, that is until I saw the camera spec!…

From a looks and design point of view Lenovo have done a sterling job at producing a rugged yet attractive and not overly bulky Android ICS phone. According the Lenovo’s blurb the A660 is waterproof, dustproof and had even managed to get a IP67 certification proving that this phone is made for the rugged outdoors type!

Even the performance of the A660 should be pretty good as it features a dual-core 1Ghz CPU and Android ICS 4.0 operating system. Lenovo have even managed to squeeze in dual sim support!

But this phone misses the mark big time! When out in the great outdoors, or being extreme, most people want to catch the action in the form of a photo, and as the Lenovo A660 is waterproof what would be cooler than taking a photo of yourself and uploading it to Instagram while swimming with sharks!

unfortunately Lenovo have let us down in both the front and rear camera department as the front is a 0.3 mega-pixel unit while the rear is a 5 mega-pixel camera not quite good enough for capturing bungee jumping, crocodile wrestling or downhill mountain biking!

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