JiaYu are headed to Beijing to chase up JiaYu G3 Network License!

JiaYu fans you are not the only ones upset by  the delays in the JiaYu G3 launch, JiaYu themselves have had enough of the wait and are on their way to the capital to see what is going on!

I’ve read a few forum posts on the JiaYu BBS saying how much they are doing for their customers, but I didn’t really believe any of it until today when I read the news that JiaYu have finally had enough and are heading to the Ministry of  Communication to see what is going on with their network license.

It seems JiaYu are as eager as we are for them to release their dual-core MT6577 4.5 inch phone.  The waiting has been to0 much for everyone involved so they have dispatched a team of representatives to see what is going on with the JiaYu G3 license.

JiaYu themselves seem a little confused as to why it’s taking so long for their new network license to be resolved so have included people who are familiar with the JiaYu G3 project to visit the Ministry of Communication to get things fixed as early as possible!

Say what you will about JiaYu, but they have produced an incredible phone for a super low price (regardless of where you buy it) and they are taking steps to get the phone out to their customers.

But please JiaYu get it sorted soon as there is only so long we can wait!

Good job JiaYu and good luck 加油!


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