2nd Batch of JiaYu G3 phones coming in 7 days!

Are you still waiting on your JiaYu G3 to arrive? Then we have great news as JiaYu are preparing 10,000 more units of their dual-core 4.5 inch to ship to customers in just 7 days.

According to this post on the JiaYu forum which was spotted by Gizchina reader Simon, JiaYu have 10,000 more phones in production which will be ready for delivery in just 7 days.

The post goes on to say that the majority of the 10,000 will be black unit again, with some of the phones being grey models. Those of you waiting for the white model JiaYu G3 will have to wait 9 days as materials are late arriving to the factory (possibly due to the current Chinese holiday).

Although the recent JiaYu G3 news has all been good, I can personally  say that I have yet to receive my order confirmation which I placed through JiaYu early last month! What’s more I chose the black version of the phone! Perhaps my message will come in the next few days and I’ll finally get one of these legendary phones in my hand once and for all.

Thanks to Simon again for the tip.

How about you guy’s any updates on your orders? Did you manage to receive one yet?

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