The JiaYu G3 better watch out! Dual-core Dream X and quad-core Dream...

The JiaYu G3 better watch out! Dual-core Dream X and quad-core Dream S are coming!


With all the problems and delays the JiaYu G3 has been suffering other Chinese phone makers have been able to catch up with dual-core phones with similar specifications and low-price. The latest of these JiaYu G3 competitors is the dual-core MT6577 Dream X.

JiaYu could learn a thing or two from the makers of the Dream X Android phone. While JiaYu leaked the G3 months in advance only to suffer problems and delays, the Dream X has been totally unknown up until today and has a launch date scheduled for the end of the month!

It’s not just me who is looking at the Dream X as a possible JiaYu G3 killer though as Chinese media sites are also singing a similar tune!


Dual-core Dream X Specification

The Dream X and JiaYu G3 are almost identical punch for punch on the hardware side apart from two main areas. While the G3 has a 1280 X 720 HD display the Dream X has a lower resolution 960 x 540 QHD 4.5 inch unit, but is supplied by Japanese screen giant Sharp! The other area the two phones differ is the battery. The JiaYu G3 get’s an impressive 2750mAh battery, but the Dream X get’s and even more so 3000mAh unit!

Like the G3 the Dream X has a dual-core MT6577 CPU, 1GB RAM, 8 mega-pixel rear camera and relatively low price of just 999 Yuan, which is 100 Yuan more than the JaiYu G3 ($158).

low-cost dual-core dream x phone from China

According to those who have seen the Dream X in the flesh the quality of manufacture is extremely good and the overall performance is outstanding!


Quad-core Dream S in the works

If this wasn’t enough to shake JiaYu then news that there is a quad-core version of the Dream X called the Dream S is in the works ought to worry them a little. Specification’s for the quad-core Dream S include a quad-core 1.7Ghz Nvidia Tegra 3 CPU, 2GB RAM, 4.5 inch IPS screen with full 1920 x 1080 HD resolution, 13 mega-pixel camera, and a larger 3500mAh battery.

There is no release date scheduled for the Dream S however expect prices to be around 1450 Yuan at launch! ($230)

If you can hang on for a few more weeks the dual-core MT6577 Dream X will be on sale from 26th October.


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  • YaPeL

    Damn, Its like every month they are releasing better and cheaper phones

  • evandro

    Blame it on the Andy who is giving these news..
    Just kidding.
    What is the manufacturer of this phone?

    • Haha 😉 not sure trying to find out more now. That Quad-core sounds unreal!

  • nick

    the way they are moving, if you decide to wait a couple of months, they will make phones with quantum processor 🙂

    • stepan

      no, it will be no quantum processor in china phones, because they had not steal it yet

      • RobertNL

        No need for that. They buy it of Mediatek (Taiwan).

        See the upcomming 8 core processor!, man thats just … sick :! (to bad almost no app will use that power).

  • Shjewer

    Can we expect gorilla glass on this phones?

    • да)))

      • werrsdf

        А еще встроенные швейцарский нож и микроволновку с кофе-машиной в придачу! 😉

        With integrated a swiss knife and a microwave owen with a coffe machine!

  • These 2 phones are the same as Sundance Kid you advertised formerly. What do you think Andi about that quick charger of just 3 minutes? Thanks.

  • JamesHD1997

    Oh, I wish the Dream S would be true… That would be the best phone available, and if with Jelly Bean… Oh.

  • leonwangls

    13 mp camera is good if they match it with a good sensor. otherwise its just a waste of money. the samsung s3 has very good camera with only 8 mp.

    • Xiaomi planned to go for a 13mp unit for the M2 but found current 8mp camera’s to offer better image capture. I wonder it this has changed?

  • Amby

    Hi Andi,

    Are these Dual Sim phones?

  • Ulysses

    any idea what 3G bands the Dream line supports?

  • evandro

    it seems that the brand is Subor.

  • sound very good :/ like the G3 … I hope don’t have the same first sales problems.

    also.. do you have the dimension? or if the screen is 16:9?

  • Igor

    JIAYU-G3 for Russia

  • Igor

    Sorry for bad English ,Jiayu-G3 – died for Russia

  • moon

    Do anybody know when the quad core “Subor Dream S” will be available??

  • Geronimo

    Hi , i d like to know where to order this phone , and what languages it has … dual sim also ?