Silver JiaYu G3 deliveries begin arriving have you got yours?!

A lucky few Chinese JiaYu customers were woke up today by the delivery of their shiny new JiaYu G3 dual-core phone, and judging by these photos JiaYu are shipping the popular silver version of the G3.

Although I have personally ordered my JiaYu G3 through the official JiaYu forum here in China, I still haven’t been asked to pay or told my phone is ready, but that isn’t to say other lucky customers are having the same bad luck.

The silver JiaYu G3 seems to be in production and is even arriving with customers who ordered this must have dual-core Chinese phone!

Seeing these photos has made me even more determined to get my hands on the 4.5 inch 1280 x 720 phone to see just how good it is for myself!

jiayu g3 arrives silver

Have any of you guys received your JiaYu G3 yet? and if so what do you think?

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