Update: probably not! JiaYu G3 now in stock at resellers and online stores?

Thousands of happy customers have finally been receiving their long-awaited JiaYu G3’s this weekend with customers of both the silver and black models finally getting their super popular dual-core phone! And now resellers and online stores are claiming to have stock!

The JiaYu G3 has been the source of lots of news both negative and positive, but it seems the Chinese phone brand has finally worked out all the bugs and are getting up to speed shipping the phones to customers in China, I have also received word that some dropship and Chinese resellers are beginning to receive stock too!

One such reseller is achinaseller.com (link removed as it seems they are not trustworthy! See comments) who claim they have stock of the JiaYu G3 and are ready to ship the phone internationally now! Just be aware though that I have never dealt with this but have heard from “Jack” who says they have stock. Have any of you dealt with achinaseller? Are they trustworthy?

While achinaseller claim they have stock other stores I have spoken to either avoided the question or told me that they still don’t have the G3 available.

Have any of you guys successfully bought a JiaYu G3? And if so who do you recommend?

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