These awesome Macbook Air and Macbook clones get terrible logos!

It’s been a while since we have had some Macbook Air or Macbook clones on Gizchina and it’s somewhat nice to see these bargain priced clones are still being made, but what’s with the those terrible logos?!

If you can’t tell from the photos this ultra thin Macbook Air clone comes from Chinese laptop maker NTC and looks pretty realistic if you place a large hand over the huge, ugly NTC branding!

The knock off Macbook Air uses an Intel Atom CPU, has a 13.3 inch screen but only come’s in SSD hard drive sizes of either 32GB or 64GB. If that isn’t enough space there is room for an SDcard which could effectively double the available storage for very little extra money.

apple macbook clones china

NTC also have a couple of larger screened and thicker plastic bodied Macbook clones which likely have larger standard hard drives thanks to their thickness and have 14.4 inch displays.

No details on pricing of these laptops, but if current market prices are anything to go by then don’t expect retail prices of much more than $250!

NTC website

ntc macbook air clone

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