Star S7180 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 clone hands on video!

Star S7180 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 clone hands on video!


The Star S7180 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 clone is one gift we would love to find in our stocking this Christmas. Find out just how good this knock-off Note 2 is in these hands on video’s after the break!

The Star S7180 is a $150 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 clone available in China now! The phone isn’t just about looks though and packs a some impressive hardware despite it’s low price tag.

Screen size is 5.5-inch, there’s a dual-core MT6577 CPU with dual-sim standby, and also 1GB RAM all giving this Note 2 clone  rather respectable performance (as you can see in the gaming video below).

Unfortunately this Samsung Galaxy Note 2 clone doesn’t get a stylus like the real Korean phablet, but you do get Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, an 8 mega-pixel rear camera and a whole lot of left over cash if you were to choose this over the real deal!

Below we have collected a few hands on video’s of the Star S7180 dual-core Galaxy Note 2 clone, and will be adding more as the evening draws on! Keep posted!

star s7180 samsung galaxy note 2 clone hands on video

Start S7180 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 clone gaming video



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  • nsasseon

    Where can I buy this phone for 150$??
    tell me…

  • G’morning Andi,

    I’m increasingly disturbed by the blatant use of Samsung logos and naming conventions in the so called ‘knock off’ marketplace.

    However, no way could I, or would I, openly support Chinese manufacturers who are deliberately breaking the patent laws – and be seen to be complicit in their illegal activities.

    I can use ‘no named’ or ‘new named’ contenders with confidence however.

    Would you care to comment ?

    • Well they wouldn’t be much of a knock-off if they did’t use Samsung logos would they? 😉

    • YaPeL

      Whats the issue? it helps poor people like me, to jump social classes, besides samsung blatanly stole from apple.

    • lordsbm

      There’s no samsung logo on star phones, they replaced the back cover samsung logo with android. You can’t really say they copy the design as the dimension is different from Note/2, light sensor and front cam are on the different side, IIRC the back cover design have some difference also. Correct me if I’m wrong, some patterns & trademarks were registered by some China local companies before the International companies went into China.

      As for hardware it’s totally different, and since android is open source, you can’t say they copy note in term of software. The annoying part is trying to explain to people that think you are buying a copy.

    • Francis.R.

      I don’t know if these knockoffs are ilegal in China, but sure they haven’t ethics in the sense that they use the hard work of enterprises to desing their models. Said that gizchina is, i think, about every kind of cell pone from China, originals, cheap dual sims, and, well, it’s China, knockoffs. It would be incomplete if there was no info about those duplicates.
      And I think that the company that yesterday did a clone, today is preparing to do its own models, TLC is an example, even the name is trying to be a copy of HTC but now their models aren’t just clones but inspirations and are very different. I personally are interested in the appearence but in the specifications (dual sim, big screen to read, a good camera, and capacity to storage large music files)
      Sorry for the english, I’m not native speaker.

  • leon wang

    the reviewer say that its a 5.3 ” screen. Not 5.5″

    • lordsbm

      It’s 5.3″, the seller on Taobao actually mentioned that a lot of sellers are labelling it as 5.5″ but actual screen measurement is 5.3″. Some seller also trying to sell it as a quad-core (Dual-core CPU + dual-core GPU) but it’s actually MTK6577.

  • Great phone! Thanks for the video.
    For me, it’s a big phone (talking in size) and I don’t like phone more than 4,5 inch… but look fantastic.

  • lordsbm

    Someone on a China forum which host Star S7180 community commented that N9330 is a better option.

    My translation of what that person commented.
    “I am just an ordinary member, my comment is based on the conclusion I’d gathered from S7180 & N9330 community sharing. It is just my personal opinion.

    N9330 speaker is better than S7180. The sound is crisp, treble and bass are clear.

    N9330 had always been using QHD 960×540 screen, but S7180 factory had changed their screen from QHD to FWVGA 854×480 after the initial batch. Not sure how much the maufacturer can profit from it.

    On 5.3″ screen, FWVGA 854×480 density is 185DPI with normal angle and QHD 960×540 density is 256 DPI with perfect angle. So there’s a big difference.

    N9330 shell is better with better feel, the side also have better finishing. The back finishing is similar to Galaxy S3.

    S7180 is inspired by Note2
    N9330 is inspired by N9330”

    Someone also mentioned that the 2 models are similar, so the roms can be used in both models.

    I’m really interested to get a dual sim as my travel phone. The dimensions (if they are correct) of both model are closed to my Galaxy Note, which should fit into any guys front jeans pocket, but will have problem if it’s a skinny jeans.

    Also do note the US$150 version is 512MB, the 1GB is about US$160. I’d actually found another version of S7180, the dual sim area is metal instead of the white plastic. That version seems to have a blue cast on the screen.

  • Carlos

    5,3 inches say the description, and 880 yuans.

  • Chuck

    What’s the difference between the Star S7180 and the N7100+? Are they the same? If not, which is better?


    check the screen resolution

  • Fafa

    I have that phone. It shut off on me while I was playing a game it won’t turn on at all. What do I do?