Complete MT6589 quad-core phone resource!

Complete MT6589 quad-core phone resource!


With so many quad-core MTK6589 Android phones arriving this year, we though it would be useful to put together a complete resource of the phones, specs and prices as we learn about them!

As you can see we have only just started to fill in upcoming quad-core MT6589 phones to the table, but we will keep at it so that you have the most up to date and comprehensive resource available on the web. We also plan to add release date information for each phone as we come across it too.

If you can see any mistakes or you know of a phone with quad-core MT6589 processor which we haven’t added yet, please feel free to let us know in the comments below or by emailing us via our ‘Tip us‘ form!

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  • Mr. Big Panda

    Great idea! Would it be possible to add a column whether the unit is dual sim or not?


  • XrainX

    Great idea and I think you will have a lot of work next months on this list.

    • Yep there are tons of phone on the way, got my work cut out 🙂

  • Falcon51
  • Rhodel.close

    I agree with Big panda.
    I too am interested on a Dual Sim, Dual Standby quad core 1080p phone.

    I think these China phones are great!

  • Evgenij

    Nice work! but i guess there is one missing parameter. the dimensions.. especially… separately width to sort them. if manufacturers battle for the width.. 🙂

  • peroni

    I would add size&weight and ROM size

  • guest

    Also whether its TD-SCDMA CDMA or WCDMA 🙂

  • Owne

    I think we also can put the release date

  • ilya

    Don’t Lenovo S890 is MTK6577T powered but not 6589?

  • TheBigHunt

    Thanks Andy for your website.
    But it misses something each time… It’s the info on how many simcards we can put.
    ,I really want to buy a >5″ phone, quad core, hd etc…. But. The reason why I buy Chinese phone is the dual sim card.
    Could you give us the info?

  • Allanitomwesh

    Yes,add a column for dual sim.

  • Achilles

    Are only chinese phones allowed?

    There is going to be an interesting phone which will be launched soon in India..a quad core Mediatek SoC

  • Alexei

    Can you please add a column with devices size (length, height, width) to your table?

  • Markoff

    i think the most important information missing in table is announced release date

  • Yui

    Quad core Chinese branded phones are sure exciting!

    But, may I know if there’s any one of them that supports all four of 850, 900, 1900, 2100 Mhz bands?

    and which ones have great camera?


    • XrainX

      I think all based on MT6589 will support only 2100MHz for WCDMA.

      And exciting phones were almost all chinese phones from 2012 but not so many people heard about them.

  • rakerunner

    Please, could you add a column – “DualSIM \ SingleSIM”?

  • JohnG

    Thanks, Andi!
    Fix Neo’s screen size.
    So, which one of this you are recommend?

  • -Carlos-

    Nice info 🙂 are updating the data every time you go out another new phone?

  • Brat

    Greetings from a relative phone novice. I’ve enjoyed reading the articles here, and am excited about the high quality phones that are becoming available. Being in the US, below are a list of items that I specifically need to know in order to make my decision. Not sure if this is useful here, but hopefully this may help others:

    1) Is the phone Google-play ready? (many of the phones I’ve found were not)
    2) Does it come rooted (or does rooting otherwise void the warranty)?
    3) Supported 3G bands? (Here in the US 850/1900 is the minimum to get at least 3G speeds; even T-Mobile is refactoring its 1900 band to support 3G for iPhone)
    4) Warranty/Return Policy? (I’ve actually had to recently return a phone I bought. Because the phone had a warranty, and I protected myself via eBay/PayPal I was able to get full refund with no problem)

    I apologize if these questions are not suitable here, but again I hope these may help someone. Thanks, and keep up the great writing!

    • 1) Sone phone have Play others dont.
      2) Sometimes
      3) Depends on the phone.
      4) Depends where you buy if from.

  • Allanitomwesh

    no updates Andi?

  • Jedi Bratzilla

    Yes, and therein lies the problem. 🙂

    Just recently, I was considering purchasing the Changjiang N7300 based on good reviews I’ve read across the web. The specs don’t look bad for the price. I was all geared up to get one, but noticed the inconsistency regarding the bands. Some ads (like Pandawill or McBud’s) state the phone has the 850/1900 bands needed for US 3G. Other sites with the same phone name and model number only show 850/2100.

    I didn’t realize that even the same make and model could be so different. I was hoping the high-end phones would have more feature consistency.

  • Dudebro

    I honestly don’t like how they couple 1080 displays with these chips, the 6577 could barely run games on models with 720 screens.

    Andy one question why there are no phones using Allwinner or Rockchip processors?

  • R.V.RAJU

    andi or anyone explain?
    why most of the phones downgraded to 5-8mp when mtk6589 supports 13mp cam?

    • Some MT6589 phones are going to be extremely cheap entry-level models. The MT6589 is said to be cheaper to produce and will be more efficient than the MT6577 so expect to see this chip in a wide range of phones.



    Can I suggest that you add the website url of the phone manufacturers for this list and all the following reviews ?

  • Whyzor

    Cubot A6589, which apparently is already on sale.

  • Syed Faisal Hasan

    Hello Andi,

    Have been trying to search around , but still unable to get it verified. Since I am regular visitor on this website.

    Has anyone tried or can confirm that any of the mentioned Chinese dual core 6577 or quad core 6589 does support USB OTG for connecting USB flash drives or particularly USB 3G Wimax/EVO modem.

    I know that it is available in the majority of the numerous chinese brands for android tablets ,but not android mobiles.

    I did buy a Hero H9500+ (unbranded cousin of ZOPO ZP900) but found out that it does not have the necessary hardware support for USB OTG.

    To my knowledge it is still only available in leading brands of Androids and not the Chinese siblings.

    Thanks for your answers

    • Vasilij

      Lenovo P770 has USB OTG support (and the cable is included) but I don’t know what range of devices it supports

  • 3G900Mhz

    Which will support 3G 900Mhz frequency class 10 Aero2 in Poland?

  • what is the photo of the cell that It is in the beginning?
    It looks pretty..

    • Its Newman N3 concept 🙂

  • Peter

    Can you add a column with weather it has launched or not/launch dates? also maybe provide links to the companies page/one of your articles that has a fuller spec sheet?

  • pete

    Is Mc bubble a safe place to get phones plus the mtk6589 and the mtk 6577 are both duel similar and come with Google playstore although the mtk 6577 is only dual core not quad core like the mtk 6589.most of these phones are rooted which means u can use xda developers like myself to re-rom ur phone if u wish to(although do this at ur own risk)I will not be held for any damage u do to ur phone plus it voids ur warranty.great site mate

  • pete

    That shud say MC bubb lol

  • pete