Exclusive: JiaYu G4 Hands on photos!

Exclusive: JiaYu G4 Hands on photos!


Leaked photos of the JiaYu G4 have turned up before, but this is the first time we have been given such a clear look of the next generation quad-core phone!

It’s not clear if the photos show the 1800mAh battery version of the phone, or the slightly thicker model sporting the 3000mAh option, but either way we can see pretty much everything of the new design, and we like what we see.

jiayu g4 leaked photos

The G4 is a totally new design when compared the more angular G3. The body is more rounded, and the overall appearance isn’t far from the design of the Xiaomi M2.

According to JiaYu the borders of the new phone will measure just 2.9mm, allowing for as slim a design as possible despite the larger 4.7-inch HD display.

Judging by the photos it looks like the G4 will be available in both white and black rear panels, and we hope that JiaYu will release some other options as aftermarket alternatives.

Jiayu G4 black and white

The screen is a 4.7-inch 720 display which features OGS technology allowing for an overall thinner design. Speaking of the screen, the phone won’t be featuring on-screen navigation, and continues to use capacitive buttons on the body.

Jiayu G4 navigation buttons

There is still no word on the launch date for the G4, but we do know that the standard version of the phone will cost just 999 Yuan ($160) and will come with a quad-core MT6589 CPU, 1GB RAM, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and a 13 mega-pixel rear camera. The ‘Flagship’ edition of the phone will get a larger 3000mAh battery and 2GB RAM, and is likely to cost around 1499 Yuan.

More JiaYu G4 details as we get them.

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  • Tom VB

    Very nice!
    The best phone design! Clean and no chinese logo’s.

    I wil buy the phone! Absolutely!

  • lontong

    Very nice, will you review this little gem when it’s available Andi?

    • Fingers crossed yes:)

  • cpurage

    Andy can you please ask the guys from JIAYU, for the Thick version of the phone will it have the same middle housing like the Thin version and the back cover will be only thicker because of the thicker battery, or the whole middle housing (where the PCB and everything else in inside it) will also be Thicker, than the Thin one ?! Thanks in advance.

    P.S. I’m asking because I want to know which version to order for me

    • I have a feeling the only difference will be the removable back, so you could (in theory) convert the regular model to the larger battery version, but I’ll try to confirm this.

      • cpurage

        Actually I want to do the oposite thing 🙂 ! To buy the thicker version and to put 1800mAh and the “Thin” backcover on it if you know what I mean 😉 , that’s why I want your confirmation ;). Again, thanks in advance man, the best web page in the world for chinesse gadjets ever.

        • xxx

          It’s Andi’s mistake,misunderstandment. In official Jiayu G4 scpecs thick and thin versions will be available for both : flagship and non flagship G4’s.

  • fadlisaad

    Hi, does the price is around USD 160? For real? that is way too cheap, even some knock off is pricier than that. If that is real, I will definitely buy one though!

    • Eli

      160$ is the price in china not for international buyers for us I’m guessing it’s going to be around 250$

    • Chinese retail price. It will be more for international buyers.

    • DutchJohan

      The G3 was also set for the same price, but as mentioned here it’s only for Chinese buyers.
      A few months ago I bought the phone through MisterTao, including shipping costs I paid less than USD 200. And now it’s even more cheap to buy! At MisterTao there’s also the possibility to get extra discount, just use my name as recommender 😉

  • Ronnie katsie

    So impressed indeed Jiayu G4 is getting more serious this year though i have just received my G3 few months ago i must purchase this incredible thing. Is it really having conning Gorilla glass too

  • teja

    black thick version will be mine !

  • Eddy

    Andi your hands look really female like 😛
    But great phone i hope that jaiyu got they shit together for this year

    • teja

      u wrong dude its not ANDI . These pictures are taken from JiaYu offical forum .

    • Haha they aren’t my hands, but I’ll take the complement 🙂

      • Eddy

        Yeah ,i know i has joking dude 😛

  • teja

    NEO 003 – Photos Uploaded To NEO Forums .



  • thesniper321

    HAhaaaaaaa the jiayu hype starts, get ready everyone this gonna be good 🙂

  • -Carlos-

    Amazing! Jiayu G4 is a Beautiful phone!

  • Myxx

    Hey Andi 🙂 Holy mother duck….
    That phone is ooooo gawsh darn freagin awesome.im all the way in kenya.it sucks that its just samsungs&iphones floatn around…i honstly have to get ths fon…thanx 4the update thou:-)

    • kenyantoo

      hey, I am kenyan too and this phones are definately awesome

      I will be getting one of them soon
      Have you tried free shipping before?
      I have used DHL but its expensive and quick

  • Geodex

    Fantastic, now I might get this one too.

    Oh I love Jiayu.

    Good thing they are smart by not stating any release date this time around. Yeah you give the date when there is enough stock to ship genius

  • Markoff

    well, when it will be one day released maybe it will be itneresting phone, but i guess at that time there will be strong competition offering pretty same specs so it won’t be big deal

    andi, why did you change size of the pictures on the main page, is it me or they became huge? the previous size was better, this is way too big for main page and loading, pelase change it back, I have even problems to figure out to what article the image belongs if previous/next, the previous deisgn was better, easier to follow

    • Just working on some updates so changed to a default theme for a few minutes. The site is back to normal now 🙂

  • quiii

    wait, so the g4 will no longer support expandable memory?

  • TomHagen

    Great! Thanks Andi for posting!

  • Kyan

    I have decided…

    This is the phone I want to get 🙂

  • Kyan

    Jiayu G4 Antutu scores


    I think they were released yesterday. Hopefully they are real 😛

    • Look a little photoshopped to me

  • Handydagger

    Same G3 this will be released in 2014 I guess
    delay followed by delay more delay more delay and story continue

    by the time you can buy SGS4 or Note2

  • r0mari0__

    different to maken a choice. I just decide to bij a g3 but when i read this maybe i need to wait but for how long….

  • Carrot Donkey

    Andi, I have a friend who travels often to China. I was thinking of asking him to get me the JiaYu G4 when it is available.

    Where can he get it at 999 Yuan?

    • Direct from JiaYu when they begin the pre-sales

  • Carrot Donkey

    Hi Andi, thanks for your reply. The reply function doesn’t seem to work or maybe it is just me.

    Anyway I googled for Jiayu and I found this,


    Is this the official Jiayu website/store? And the listed price for a G4 is 399 USD. How do I get it for 999 Yuan (160 USD)?

    Thanks once again!

  • Venkadesh ツ (@iVenkadesh)

    Super. When it will release in India?

  • visu

    Excellent when it will be relesing in india, because i planned to buy canvas 3 hd but now i changed my mind kindly can u tell me, coz my current phone is not working and i am planning to new one, so that ican wait for this