JiaYu G3 Vs. JiaYu G4: Screen comparison

JiaYu G3 Vs. JiaYu G4: Screen comparison


There wasn’t just one killer feature which made the dual-core JiaYu G3 such an amazing deal, the whole package was just killer, with that said though the JiaYu G4 is shaping up to be a much better device, just take a look at the improved screen.

Judging by the specs we have seen so far it seems safe to say that JiaYu are keeping 1080 displays for the flagship Qualcomm phones such as the Jiayu S1, while the MTK equipped models are sticking with 720p displays.

Jiayu G4 vs Jiayu g3

But that isn’t to say these are the same screens previously used, as new leaked photos show the JiaYu G4 offers a brighter display and overall better viewing experience when compared to the current G3.

Jiayu G4 vs Jiayu g3

Pretty amazing considering the screen on the G3 is a very impressive panel indeed.

The JiaYu G3 wend on sale last year for 899 Yuan, the JiaYu G4 will cost slightly more at 999 Yuan but will boast a new design, more RAM, a better rear camera, faster quad-core CPU plus the larger, brighter display shown above!

Who’s buying a JiaYu G4 then?

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  • Chandan

    Hello Abbie, Jiayu is getting better with each model upgrade but does Mediatek getting better ? It seems to be just adding cores and adding bugs. There is lot of talk about MTK6577 and MTK6575 chipset phones having very poor signals. Some people are discussing the the mentioned problem in the thread at xda developers thread here :http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=37364186#post37364186

    Let me know what you think ??

  • XrainX

    Looking so good for that amazing price.
    I am curious if after sales JiaYu is offering firmware support. For example if the G4 is launched with Android 4.1 if is possible to receive the 4.2 version for G4.

    But the third picture is not so correct because the smartphone from the right have that neon tube light reflected on it.

    If they will offer USB OTG will be great.

    For me 720p is enough!

  • lontong

    The 720p 1GB ram version of G4 is up for preorder at the same price as Umi X2, while Umi has better spec overall I’m not too confident with MTK6589 and 1080p pairing so G4 could actually be a better buy depending on the actual result (not slideshow presentation), though seeing X1 quality, I’m confident Umi could pull it off.

  • Tzincbg

    Completely wrong! Signal strenth depends on radio hardware and firmware , and how well it is soldiered, not on the Mediatek chip! My Lenovo A789 with mtk6577 has excellent signal indoors and outdoors.

  • rhs

    My friend has g3. Exellent phone only with two drawbacks. GPU and videocamera.otherwise it is amazing. And im from EU and 3G works.

  • kolyamba

    just looked russian forum about g3, and decided that my choice is huawei/zte/lenovo. they’ll have mt6589 models too, but quality is really MUCH better… jiayu is good only “on paper”. too much defects in real life. are jiayu’s smartphones hand made? or jiayu has factory? really too much defects for factory

  • Evgenij

    kolyamba, i’m from ukraine and read much info too. i have ordered a g3 for my dad and it’s just flawless. much better than my htс sensation.

    so i may be quite interested in ordering a g4 , if the carbon fiber gionee i’m drooling about will cost like an airplane or doesn’t come out to work in our gsm formats or something.

  • adit

    I have the G3, and I don’t have any problems, great signal quality indoor and outdoor (using GSM only 3G does not work here). In fact the build quality and design is pretty good, and I don’t have any complains about the screen. The December ROM update fixed the battery , now it can stay in standby for days. There is an official Beta JB ROM but wait for the release one the current ICS is pretty stable. However I have no interest in G4, but will keep an eye on the S1. For it the price will be a concern, they should keep it under $400 , if not it’s getting in the big brnds territory (or close to it) and start loosing it’s appeal. The G3 is great because is around $200 including shipping, which is well bellow a big brand with same hardware.

  • jonas

    Design G3 looks so much better!

  • Allanitomwesh

    G3 is a fine phone and works well. Two of my friends have it,no issues.

  • Vinicius

    Did I see a plastic (or screen protection) covering the G3´s screen on the first photo ???? It is easy to get a brighter screen by this way !

  • Dudebro

    Nice, too bad none of the known sites sell it for that price, most are asking near $300

    • Ah ha I think this will change soon;)

  • Airyl

    The JiaYu G4 is shaping up into an awesome phone! One thing though, it looks an awful lot like the Iphone, especially when viewed from the back.

  • OlegK

    kolyamba, I am an owner of JY-G3 for five weeks already. Also, I’ve been writing actively to 4pda.ru you ment. Most of discussion there is around two issues: GPS module is weaker than it could be (yet a kind of solution has been found) the main camera is blurring disregarding the hardware is very decent. My phone works very nice and I am quite happy but the camera performance. To be honest, GPS module is Achilles’ heel of MT6577 and I wonder whether the new MTK chipset will have got rid of that drawback.

    Please do not forget, the forum is a place not to heap praises but help one another in a trouble. Alos, there are noticed counterfeited JY-G3 phones.

    • Darren

      How to spot counterfeit?

  • ivan

    how about the screen of Jiayu g4? is it gorilla glass?

  • And what about G3S ? Is it gorilla glass ? G3 has gorilla for sure, but is it on G3s too?

  • FJorgeR

    Hello everyone.

    I ordered 3 Jiayu phones (from a friend that works in China):

    2 – G3T (1.5Ghz and 3000ma). at 950 RMB’s each.
    1 – G4S (1.5Ghz and 2GB/32GB ram/rom. at 1500 RMB’s.

    My impressions on the G3T are awesome. The screen is vivid (very bright even than the G4S) and the viewing angles are just great (what we should expect from IPS screen).

    Unfortunately my G4S experience was that great:

    – First the back cover doesn’t properly fit (battery maybe the reason) I’m unable to close it fully (no click), but with the silicone sleeve not notable.
    – Second the Screen is offal compared to the G3T; it’s not as bright and has a blue/green tint compared to G3T ( G3 has a warmer color). On top of those two main differences the viewing angles are really not good (doesn’t seem to be an IPS screen).

    If I could do a compare with the above screen shots taken I would say (in my case) that the G4 pictures are equal to my two G3T units, but unfortunately my G4S are like the G3 showed above!

    Is it possible that I did receive some kind of fake/copy G4S? Do they exist? The box looks legit and the stickers too (by the way both G4 and G3 use the same box).

    Please advise,



    • Cambodia Droid

      hello bro? can you help me to firgure out which one have better screen (just about the colour, viewing angel, and black, white colour). Im in love with G3T! Great CPU, GPU and functions (memory MicroSD support, 3G 2100Mhz can work in Cambodia, camera have flash, have front camera, FM radio, allmost sensor, i wonder if there is gyroscope?)

      And final i would choose the one who have better music quality (via good enough headphone, im music lover), and the camera is good enough!

      Help me pls! I also know cubot gt99, which one should i choose?

      • FJorgeR

        I’m waiting for two new units (from two friends – one G3T and one G4S).

        Then I will post here if my bad impressions with the G4S are also affecting the new unit or not…
        By the way about the G3T, one of my units is going back to China (for replacement) because of a really BAD problem (Ghost touches), so things are not going very well.

        If you go for the G3T; please make sure the Touch is working properly (mine only showed the problem on some occasions, not all the time).
        But when it happens it’s impossible to use the phone (just go to developer options and activate show touches to spot if yours has any problem or not).



        PS: If you are lucky to receive a G3T without any problems

        • Cambodia Droid

          Thank you very much friend! BTW, Im now in love with G2F, is this one better than G3T? 🙂