iOcean X7 photo shows back of the phone. Look like an Oppo...

iOcean X7 photo shows back of the phone. Look like an Oppo Find 5 much?


The iOcean X7 has appeared once more in front of prying eyes, this time showing off its previously before unseen rear.

Not much to report on the rear of the X7 other than this is our first glimpse at the 13 mega-pixel rear camera and LED flash, we can also see the iOcean branding, what appears to be an external speaker.

It also looks as though iOcean’s designers have placed the power/lock-screen button on the left hand of the device (when viewed from the front).

The more we see of the iOcean the more we like it, and the more the phone begins to resemble the Oppo Find 5, which is quite a compliment as the flagship Oppo is a handsome looking phone!

As for the rest of the hardware, the iOcean X7 will get a 1920 x 1080 HD display, quad-core MT6589 CPU, 2GB RAM and 13 mega-pixel rear camera, for those of you on a budget a slightly lower spec 8 mega-pixel version will also be available.

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  • Michael Westcott

    Only real question that needs to be answered now is, when will this baby (and all the other mid/high end Chinese phablets) actually make an appearance in the Shenzhen markets?!

  • Ezekiel

    will it sell in Malaysia??

  • Me

    Second question: what is the best way to import it to europe or other places?
    And what will the shipping cost?

  • dandy

    my brother lives in hongkong. will it be available there @ 160$ ?

    • Nope but across the border in Shenzhen it will

  • “THE” really question is: When will avaible in EU market as “legal” for make the “versus” whith rest of “legal” brands?

  • Will there be a CDMA version of this or similar spec phone hitting the market or already available???

  • anon

    That corner looks painful.

  • Eric

    I’m living in Macau, will it be available in Zhuhai as well?

    • Should be

      • Eric

        thanks. do you know any official or authorized shops at the Gong bei area or near the border of zhuhai-macau?

  • hey is the quality of these phones by china comparable to other phones like samsung or even huwai or zte cause they also manufacture there only….plz reply