Poll: JiaYu Considering 8 variants of the JiaYu G4 Vote Now to help them decide!

We’ve known for sometime that the JiaYu G4 will be available in ‘Youth’ and ‘Premium’ versions, however there are in fact 8 possible JiaYu G4 configurations and JiaYu want your help do decide which to offer!

JiaYu have the world’s attention with the JiaYu G4. Customers are already queuing to buy the phone, even without an official launch date, so the last thing they want to do is launch a phone that ‘could have been perfect if’.

So to aid with the final pieces of the JiaYu G4 puzzle, they are asking JiaYu fans and potential customers to decide which combination of RAM, ROM, Battery size and colour they are most likely to purchase. As you can see below, there are 8 possible configurations of the JiaYu G4 with options including 1G RAM, 2GB RAM, 4GB ROM, 32GB ROM, 1850 mAH, 3000mAh and colour choices black or white.

This is your chance to vote for which model you would be most interesting in buying. We will leave the poll live until Friday and pass the results on to JiaYu.

[poll id=”8″]
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