Poll: JiaYu Considering 8 variants of the JiaYu G4 Vote Now to...

Poll: JiaYu Considering 8 variants of the JiaYu G4 Vote Now to help them decide!


We’ve known for sometime that the JiaYu G4 will be available in ‘Youth’ and ‘Premium’ versions, however there are in fact 8 possible JiaYu G4 configurations and JiaYu want your help do decide which to offer!

JiaYu have the world’s attention with the JiaYu G4. Customers are already queuing to buy the phone, even without an official launch date, so the last thing they want to do is launch a phone that ‘could have been perfect if’.

So to aid with the final pieces of the JiaYu G4 puzzle, they are asking JiaYu fans and potential customers to decide which combination of RAM, ROM, Battery size and colour they are most likely to purchase. As you can see below, there are 8 possible configurations of the JiaYu G4 with options including 1G RAM, 2GB RAM, 4GB ROM, 32GB ROM, 1850 mAH, 3000mAh and colour choices black or white.

This is your chance to vote for which model you would be most interesting in buying. We will leave the poll live until Friday and pass the results on to JiaYu.

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  • Black, 3000mAh, 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM

    • Hi Andi,

      Sorry for going off-topic, but unfortunately this is the only way to reach JiaYu, as their forum is completely in Chinese.

      I’d like to ask you to pass them following request from me and a lot of JiaYu G3 owners all over the world:


      I believe G3 is their most popular and most well-known smartphone. Now, if all the army of G3 owners will start complaining on forums worldwide about lack of basic post-sale support (software updates), this may seriously affect sales of a new models, as people will realize they could be buying single-use cell phone, without chances for updates or improvements.

      I really appreciate your passion in bringing us news about modern, but less-known gadgets and hope you’ll be able to help, as there are not much news from GiaYu after releasing the beta and not much channels to interact with them.

      Thank you in advance.

      • You caught me while I was chatting to them. 4.2 hasn’t been done yet. But 4.1 beta is ready and available to download. I’m downloading it now and will put it in dropbox to make it easier for others to download.

        • RobertNL

          @Andi no need:
          Has most ROMS for the G3 already listed 😉

          • Cheers mate 🙂

        • Andy

          I am looking maybe to buy the Jiaya G4… you recommenced android-sale.com as a trusted source to buy these phones. but as I research I am finding tons of complaints about them. I am sure they treat you well, as you are dealing with them on this site and its good advertising and biz for them. but maybe others are not so lucky. I would like to hear from others and their experience if they honored the warranty. gave refund or credit etc..


      • RobertNL

        For updates manufacurers are more or less stuck to what MediaTek gives them. If MediaTek ever releases 4.2 be sure that Jiayu will give an update (like they did with the G2.

        4.1.2 BETA is running on my Jiayu since the first day it was there and is running like a charm.

    • txe

      Hey! Gang…
      What about the O.S. I guess it would be great if we could also have Ubuntu OS as an alternative… pls. Analyse this. Thanks.

      • txe

        Ooops I asked in the wrong thread, I think. I was just curious about the possibility of getting OS Ubuntu as an option, Why not? Should be great count on that with… check this report [http://youtu.be/cpWHJDLsqTU] out. Thanks!

      • txe

        Hi, I’m not sure whether or not a previous post I wrote submit successful. I was just trying to wondering publicly about OS Ubuntu, as an OS alternative. Android is great but, why not about Ubuntu, check this report out: http://youtu.be/cpWHJDLsqTU

    • Julian

      Andi, do you know if G4 Advanced is already available (2G 32G rom) ?? I’ve seen many sites that have it for presale, shipping May 15th… thanks!

    • txe

      Hi. Ok I got it. After read that the Jiayu factory is pre-selling a g3-S y feel that g4 is no a model of mobile phone anymore. It’s nothing just a marketing strategy.. So why otherwise they offer a upgraded version of a device that they said officially was not going to produce anymore in favour of the g4??? Trust me guys, don’t keep the game..

  • XrainX

    Voting on higher specs is so easy without knowing the price.
    If the 1GB is $180 and 2GB is $300?

    That poll was better with some estimated price, just specs is not OK.

    • yeah, or even “estimated date of shipment”

    • The only price JiaYu are giving are 999 Yuan for the base model. The rest is still undecided.

  • Rich

    The public has spoken… and they want MOAR!!! It’s hardly surprising people want the best specs but like the comment above say’s, it’s all relative to the price really, as if it were purely about specs I guess we’d all be buying a HTC One, or SGS4! TBH, if the G4 has an SD Card slot then I personally think 16GB ROM would be fine, and maybe even 1GB RAM may be acceptable, but 1850mAh battery is a definite no no for me! Great to see JiaYu reach out to the public like this I must say, but I can only hope we see the G4 released sooner rather than later or it will all be irrelevant anyway sadly…

  • Norman Zakaria

    Actually I dont really give a damn about the price lol. I’m just a Jiayu fanboy n would love to buy the White, 2GB RAM, 32gb ROM, 3000mah model regardless of the price. 😛

    But I do know others weigh the price a lot when considering a phone so please update this with expected price to that voters can vote fairly.

  • jonathan

    its not a choice but i would say 3000mAh , 2 gig of ram and 4gb rom so u can keep the cost down with an sd card slot that supports up to 64gb and an that sounds like a winner to me, dont u agree?

  • Don’t understand why everyone is so keen on a fat phone (3000mah battery) I personally would much rather charge my phone nightly and have a nice slim handset.

    • XrainX

      For big displays a bigger battery just add under 2mm. The bigger the display, the thinner smartphone will be.

    • anon

      10mm is fat? Really, are you so young that you’ve never hold phone 20mm thick (and last for week) before?

      • Norman Zakaria

        Hahahahah! I like your counter argument. I would rather have it like the old times too where a phone can last minimum 4 days after heavy usage n non stop playing of snake. 10mm is still ok for me.

  • Victor

    You should have shown the approx price of each configuration.. Price is the most important cosideration imho

    • 999 Yuan will be the base model

  • Brian from Manchester

    Just get me a big fat black one in the post asap and i will pay 250$ quite happily!!!

  • joe

    No love for white models. Unles they price every model at the same price(that would be wierd) the poll is nt effective. Rather them ask the priority for user ie 1.>batter 2.>rom and so on. That way they can make sacrifices on the lower priority features which no one really cares abt. They might be surprised by the insight into a experienced android users daily priorities. But i guess they have already created the prototypes of the eight given configs and wud go with them in any case, but the priority listing seems a better idea before the design phase of the product.

  • Allanitomwesh

    White, 3000mAh, 2GB RAM, 4GB ROM would actually be very good,but doesn’t seem to be in the poll,so I went with 32GB. Honestly don’t think it’s necessary really,probably an excuse to hike the price of the premium model,but if that’s how it is,that’s what I want.

  • Abir

    Ill definitely go for the 32gb one, the mediatek 6589 has a pretty good GPU and I wanna take full advantage and game like crazy and I can run wild for a fair few hrs with the 3000mah battery 😀

    • Allanitomwesh

      I think we can all agree,no one waants the 1850mAh battery,no matter the specs.

      • mannie

        Thats because most people target have a phone thats 2 mm thicker but will last almost twice as long. if i go with the giayu g4 i’ll definitely go with the black 2/32 ram/rom 3000mah but if it releases too late i might go with a 1080p model

        • mannie

          Rather instead of target stupid autocorrect

        • mannie

          And Andy? does the 2gb RAM even work since the umi X2 seems to have problems with it

          • I spoke to JiaYu and they said they aren’t having any issues (that’s what they are saying anyway)

          • mannie

            Well i hope they are telling the truth and that it will be released soon. If Iocean x7 Premium or umi X2 will be released first and get positive reviews i might go with One of those

        • m86

          Totally agree with you Mannie, i wanted a G4 but with all those 1080p phones being released, it won’t be worthing it anymore, specially with a “normal price tag”.

          • mannie

            The downside is that i definitely want a phone with 2gb ram and 32 gb rom and if al the developers have issues with the 2 gig ram i might have too wait quite a while no matter if i chose 720 or 1080 first to release will get a lot of customers.

  • 3000mAh, 2GB RAM, rom 8gb will be enough + sd card, white or black i still can’t decide. Andy, when can we see a video of the engineering test model, are they sending one to you?

  • Oleg

    3000, 2 RAM, +SD

  • cpurage

    This is stupid and confusing !!! First tell us, does the back covers are only the difference in the Thick and the Thin versions (or also the midle housing is thicker ??? HOW MANY MORE TIMES DO YOU WANT ME TO ASK YOU ABOUT THAT ANDI, I JUST WANT YOU TO CONFIRM IT ???? WILL IT BE OR WILL NOT BE ?????) and then we’ll decide which one to buy !!! If the Black G4 with 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM will have 133 x 65 x 8,2 1850 mAh version, then it should be able to handle also 3000 mAh battery and JIAYU should offer to their buyers 3000mAh battery and back cover which is thicker and making the 133 x 65 x 8,2mm phone to an 133 x 65 x 10mm.

    It is so simple for christ sake !!!

    • I get frustrated aswell, if Andy doesn’t reply i believe that’s he simply he doesn’t know!
      Like the dual active functionality i requested many times.

      Be patient, we are lucky that he’s sharing that much info with us, the fact that JiaYu is going through him for that kind of polls also mean that they don’t know yet themselves which model to release.

      What this poll is saying aswell is that we won’t get g4 before mid april 🙁

      • cpurage

        Yes but the whole title of this post is ridiculous:

        “Poll: JiaYu Considering 8 variants of the JiaYu G4 Vote Now to help them decide!”

        8 Variants COME ON. Everyone knows that there should be 4 version from one colour:

        JIAYU G4 1850mAh, 1GB RAM, 4GB ROM
        JIAYU G4 3000mAh, 1GB RAM, 4GB ROM
        JIAYU G4 1850mAh, 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM
        JIAYU G4 3000mAh, 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM

        so if they are going to release 2 x colours white and black, that means 4 x 2 = 8 versions. And the whole post is ridiculous ion that case, BECAUSE JIAYU ANNOUNCED THAT THERE ARE GOING TO BE WHITE AND BLACK BEFORE THE NEW YEARS’S EVE IN 2012 AND NOW IF THEY DON’T PROVIDE WHITE AND BLACK, THIS WILL BE THE ANOTHER MASSIVE FAIL OF THE LAUNCH OF JIAYU’S PHONE LIKE WITH THE JIAYU G3 !!!

        • Norman Zakaria

          Dude. Chill. Andi’s got a lot on his plate..

          • cpurage

            OK I’m chill 😀 ! But we all are a little bit nervous, cause we all are waiting more than 4-5 months. I’ve sold my THL V9 in November 2012 and from then on I’m only reading reviews here in gizchina.com, for JIAYU G4, UMI X2 and many more and what is happening, there is still nothing on all the webstores, I mean from the mentioned not from the existing one on the market with MT6589. What tooking them so long. I know there is issue with the 2GB RAM compatibility and MT6589, but “Manufacturers that means that your QA is very weak and your phones are not reliable =(, take a note on that please” and next time organize your promises and don’t delay them.

      • Official word from JiaYu is “g4 will be dual-sim stand-by”

    • First of all chill out…
      Every question you ask get’s passed on to JiaYu and when the answer is sent back to me I post it. I get a lot of questions asked all the time ( about every phone and every variant) and I do try to answer them, if I miss a few then I’m sorry. Now that I have your questions fresh in my mind I’ll ask now and IF I get an answer I’ll post them.

      Do you know what else is simple? Being patient and polite.

      • cpurage

        Ok Andi, sorry about my Rush. I’ll be more patient and polite :).

    • Official word from JiaYu about the battery issue is “no,it is not workable”

  • guapper

    I feel it should be clearly mentioned above that the 2GB/32GB version wil not arrive untill summer, as this might be a reason to settle for less, and actually being able to order.

  • Brian from Manchester

    From my limitted understanding Jiayu are manufacturing only two variants of the phone…2gb/32gb/3000mAh and 1GB/4GB/1850mAh. The colour of the back is the secondary choice and surely they will sell alternative backs (and batteries) on their website so I hope to be able to buy an alternative back and be able to change the colour of the phone at will. From Andis post re Jiayus confirmation I take it that you cant put a thinner back and smaller battery in a phone built for the larger barrery. You presumably can put a smaller battery in the bigger phone to make it slightly lighter but that seems a bit futile. Isthis understanding correct?

  • again JIAYU started the movie, is there a release date? I remember G3 history is is soooo sad.
    is correct that they will provide 850 and 2100mhz band support for 3G?

  • ivo001

    If it’s true that there are problems with the 2GB RAM, and the launch of that version is delayed much, then the Black, 3000mAh, 1GB RAM, 4GB ROM seems like a good alternative

    • According to JiaYu no, however this doesn’t mean it’s the truth

  • Manos

    Andi very nice the G4 but please tell them to make a big power phone like Lenovo P770 with 3500 or 4000 bat.!
    Spec ;
    4.3 IPS or 4.5 1280×720
    Mediatek 6589 1.2
    Power vr 544mp
    Ram 1GB or 2GB

    I need more battery life the size doesn’t matter !

    • anon

      Wait for Umi Mini then, it’d reportedly have 5000mAh battery.

  • Nova5lag

    Ive already ordered the 2gb Ram, 32GB ROM, 3000mah, Black one from Merimobiles so they better not change it for anything else!!! Except they can change the colour to white if they must… I just want it to arrive NOW!

  • Rob

    Am about to preorder 2Gb G4 hope the release dates are soon.

  • softa

    One simple question, is there a decent Chinese phone with a good GPS (satellite – not A GPS) reception, or not. If there is one please advise me (from your experience – not from what it says on the package). Thank you.

    • Xiaomi Mi2

      • Allanitomwesh

        Good luck buying that one.

      • Allanitomwesh

        I think it’s rather obvious what people want…
        Scrap the 1850mAh battery
        Preferably offer 2GB RAM
        So premium model :Black/White, 3000mAh, 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM
        Youth model :Black/White, 3000mAh, 2GB RAM, 4GB ROM

  • Camaman

    I want an quad core updated G3!
    Other than that Black/white 2GB/32GB is the second choice. But a bit to big for me.

  • such option isn’t considered?
    Black, 3000mAh, 1GB RAM, 32(64)GB ROM

  • Muhammed

    3000 mAh will be too thick for me, so I’d go for 1850 mAh 32GB

  • Anthony

    Andi you are our rescue in this china smartphone world
    1) whats the final version of android in jiayu g4? 4.1 or 4.2?
    2) does it have miracast support (in android 4.2) ?
    3) since they dont have compatibility problems in 2gb ram, do they have 2gb ram chips available?
    4) can you please tell me if gps lock is better in 6589 phones? in 6577 (jiayu g3) satelite lock was slowwwww. in exynos 4412 (newman n2) satelite lock is INSTANT
    Thank u!

  • Narayan

    Jiayu is totally silent about the other specs that impact the user experience.

    For example, what about the following??

    1. Does it take the stock Android (preferable, as it can be upgraded easily)
    2. What is the plan for upgrade to Android Jellybean 4.2.2?
    3. Is the GPS strictly A-GPS (needs network to work), or can it work without GSM network?
    4. Can the GPS work with GLONASS (which means better accuracy and faster locking)?
    5. What are the standby time, talk time and video play time with 3000 mAH battery?
    (After all, the smaller 4.7″ size, lower 720p resolution and larger battery must yield fantastic results that are worth boasting, as compared to the rivals UMI x2 and iOcean x7, which have gone the exact opposite way, with larger 5″ size, higher 1020p resolution and 2500 mAH battery.)
    6. Does the WiFi support the 802.11 n mode?
    7. What are the HSDPA bands (850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100) and max data transfer rate?
    8. What are the other modes of WiFi: DLNA, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi hotspot?
    9. What is the Bluetooth version (2.1? 3? 4?) Will it have A2DP, EDR?
    10. What are the camera capabilities?
    (e.g. face detection, smile detection, touch focus, geo-tagging)
    11. What are the video features (e.g. continuous flashlight, autofocus, zoom during capture)
    12. Can we take photos in burst mode? At what speed? What’s the max limit on the number?
    13. Does it have FM radio?
    14. Can we record the FM radio?
    15. What are the loudness specs (in dB)? (a) ring, (b) voice, (c) speaker mode
    16. What is the SAR figure (ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_Phones_SAR_List)
    17. Does it take SD card? What’s the max size? (e.g. 32 GB/64 GB)

    I realize that some of these specs may be subject to change, but we should know provisional specs at least!

    • XrainX

      Great questions!
      You forgot to ask if the Dual Sim is Active (new and great and supported by the MT6589 but until now not implemented on any smartphone presented by GizChina) or Standby (old and not great).

      • Narayan

        Oh yes indeed! That goes to the top:

        0. What type of “standby” is this? (Ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dual_SIM#Types)
        (The type not only presents a different user experience, but also affects the battery charge life.)

      • Narayan

        One more question (add to the previous list):

        18. Does it have an additional noise-cancellation microphone?
        (ref: http://mobiledevdesign.com/tutorials/cancel-noise-mobile-phones-headphones-0611/)

        I am adding this, because the phone has the “flagship phone” and “premium version” tags.

        • anon

          Go on and ask that but if you think that just by having “premium” tag in it mean a particular phone has to have a particular feature then you’re sorely mistaken.

          Especially for chinese “premium” phone.

        • Wow, I’ll make a list and email them all this.

          • anon

            Can you ask Jiayu and Umi about their plan with international customers or even recommended shop?

      • I thought I answered this yesterday? JiaYu say it is not, however I’d wait to see if this changes

      • Narayan

        Hi Andi,

        So far, the trend is absolutely steady:

        81% want the top-end model.

        68% (>2/3rd) want a black model. But a significant population (1/3rd) wants a white model.

        94% want a big (3000 mAH) battery.
        85% want larger RAM+ROM set. (About 1 in every 7 customer wants smaller RAM+ROM).

        But as others predicted, this trend may change if the price differential is known.

        But that’s not all: Refer to my list of 19 features.
        Surely all of them won’t be common amongst all 8 models?

        It may be worth launching another poll after you get clarity from Jiayu.

        Just my two cents.

    • joe

      Yea all the above questions are quite relevant and companies(even iphone and sam) should make available accurate and detailed configuration of a model when they announce. Hell many dont even provide it after launch on website. I gues the marketing guys use the kiss rule and leave out the technical jargon. But apart from keeping it simple, they also must be precise and detailed as if a target cust. Has to cal for specs b4 deciding on a phne then they have failed in marketing. In any care smartphone business is mirroring(& eating into) the comp. Busines which is driven by knowlegefull geeks and not catchphrase marketing. Many leave out weaker specs for stronger ones, but then part of buying anything is making sacrifices in some features. Its better to make a informed decision then get a rude shock & spoil the cust. For the future.

    • RobertNL

      @ Narayan
      Did my best to solve most of the questions:

      1. Does it take the stock Android (preferable, as it can be upgraded easily)
      – No its a modded version (by Mediatek) that has all the dirvers and enchantments. On previous models Jiayu had a almost stock Mediatek ROM that is close to the offical google ROMS (some dualsim enhancements).

      2. What is the plan for upgrade to Android Jellybean 4.2.2?
      – I think MediaTek will give 4.2.2 (and 5.0 / 4.3) to the MTK6589 as they are mostly giving support for 1/2 mayor versions (especially when the chipset is still made by MTK).

      3. Is the GPS strictly A-GPS (needs network to work), or can it work without GSM network?
      – Not sure what modum is in the MTK6589 but it should work standalone (might not be a fast fix).

      4. Can the GPS work with GLONASS (which means better accuracy and faster locking)?
      – I think it will come with a MediaTek MT6620 Modem (http://www.mediatek.com/_en/01_products/04_pro.php?sn=72)

      5. – Sorry can not afwnser that 😉

      6. Does the WiFi support the 802.11 n mode?
      – See awnser 4

      7. What are the HSDPA bands (850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100) and max data transfer rate?
      – 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz 3G: WCDMA 850/2100 (And TD-DCMA but thats China only). Maximum speed is 14.4 if i am not mistaken.

      8. What are the other modes of WiFi: DLNA, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi hotspot?
      – Wifi, miracast (WIFI-direct, wifi-hotspot, DLNA (via apps)

      9. What is the Bluetooth version (2.1? 3? 4?) Will it have A2DP, EDR?
      – Version 4.0 (see awnser 4)

      10. What are the camera capabilities?
      (e.g. face detection, smile detection, touch focus, geo-tagging)
      – No idea for now 😉

      11. What are the video features (e.g. continuous flashlight, autofocus, zoom during capture)
      – Autofocus, zoom, flash: Yes (compared to earlyer moddels)

      12. Can we take photos in burst mode? At what speed? What’s the max limit on the number?
      – Yes (eventualy with third party, but i think its build in).

      13. Does it have FM radio?
      – Yes via BT

      14. Can we record the FM radio?
      – Not sure, would say no

      15. What are the loudness specs (in dB)? (a) ring, (b) voice, (c) speaker mode
      – Sorry dont know 😉

      16. What is the SAR figure (ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_Phones_SAR_List)
      – Unknown

      17. Does it take SD card? What’s the max size? (e.g. 32 GB/64 GB)
      – 64GB

      • pipo

        13. Does it have FM radio?
        Yes. With RDS

        14. Can we record the FM radio?
        Yes, even with the build in radio app

  • Jancis

    just give me hdmi out, don’t care which version

    • XrainX

      You will not have HDMI out for JiaYu.
      Neo N003 seems to have.
      But you should read about Miracast, maybe is that you want and this is available in Android 4.2

  • Indraneel

    Besides the above questions , Andi would u care to ask them when they r planning to provide some service centers in India so that the after sales service is ensured.

  • Rich

    Software-wise the main things I’d really like to know the official answers from JiaYu are…

    1) Is it running stock Android? If it has a ‘skin’ then this would be a deal breaker for me.

    2) How do you get software upgrades? OTA or via JiaYu website, and if the latter are there instructions in English?

    3) Does it come with the official Play Store?

  • Alex

    Black, 3000mAh, 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM

  • Anthony

    Andi We here in greece want greek language support TELL them as most phones offer!

  • Narayan

    RobertNL has compiled a nice set of probable answers. But it would be best to get this confirmed through the official channel.

    Robert, I could not understand some of your responses:

    #3: Quick locking in GPS is crucial for a good user experience.
    My LG Optimus Black (P970) takes a very long time even to find satellites.
    Many times the Google map simply gives up.
    So my concern is, it should not be the same story here.
    (Even in the A-GPS mode, the mobile has to find minimum 3 satellites first.)

    #12: The burst mode may not be good enough.
    I hear IPhone 5 can take multiple photos at full resolution at the rate of 5 fps.
    My Optimus Black cannot take photos in burst mode at all.
    (It needs a couple of seconds to store the previous photo from its 5 MP camera.)

    In that context, I am not so sure how fast G4 would be; especially as its shooter is 13 MP.

    #13: How is FM radio available via Bluetooth?
    I meant the FM radio as in terrestrial FM Broadcast transmitters (87.5-108 MHz);
    not the internet streaming.

    Hopefully this will be a full Stereo FM (some cheaper models have mono only).
    Also hope its has RDS (ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio_Data_System)

    #17: I guess you meant total 64 GB, right? (32 GB ROM+32 GB SD card).
    Or did you mean a total of 32+64=96 GB max?

    • RobertNL

      Sorry for the late response 😉 Hope you still read this 😛
      #3 Mediatek uses an all in one chipset that includes a modem. THese modems are containing GPS, BT, WIFI, 3G and calling (2G). The modem that was included with the MTK6577 wasn’t to good resulting in a poor GPS signal on a lot of phones (wich made A-GPS a must even tho you could get a fix without it). With the new chipset MTK6589 they use a different modem (as it supports dual data / calling + data at the same time now where the old modem did not).
      If this modem has a better GPS reseption i would say i would not need A-GPS (as the MTK677 did not need it to officaly).

      #12 Sorry not sure about it, the compression on the Jiayu G3 was high (to high) so it could take about 8 foto’s at quite a burst with a fast SD card in it (mabe even more). As the banthwith of the MTK6589 is higher and the foto’s bigger i can not tell how the new chipset will preform (sorry ;)).

      #13 Bluetooth radio’s mostly can get reseption in the 88-105FM range so thats the reason why on some phones BT is needed to be set on. (think you could search for it a bit probably some info on that around somewhere).

      #17 Using a 64GB micro SD USH-1 in my Jiayu G3 so i can confirm that you could get 96GB of memory in the G4 (as the MTK6589 supports the same).

  • keenmay

    Looks like most people don’t care for slim phones…What’s up with manufactures making slim and sealed battery phones? No wonder Samsung does well, with their removable battery.

  • ivo001

    Black, 1850mAh, 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM (2%, 44 Votes)
    White, 1850mAh, 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM (1%, 23 Votes)
    White, 1850mAh, 1GB RAM, 4GB ROM (1%, 16 Votes)
    Black, 1850mAh, 1GB RAM, 4GB ROM (2%, 13 Votes)

    HUH? How can it have 2% with only 13 votes lol, seems a bit bugged.

  • Richard

    SILVER!!! 😀 3000mAh 2gb & 32 gb

  • Fraz

    if the above poll correct then i feel jiayu is still months away from releasing the G4. hope it gets released in right time.. anxious to buy one

  • Anthony

    Andi you have tried some 6589 phones, can you please tell us if the gps reception is better from previous 6577? how it is compared to newman n2? exynos 4412

  • how can shops put prices of advance models if its not official like pandawill

    andi what do you think what will be the price of advance model?

    • It’s possible, not heard anything concrete yet though

  • wolf

    Could you ask to JiaYu if I buy a 1850mAh version can I change the battery with a 3000mAh big one? Maybe I need to change the back cover to make way for new battery bulkier. Is it possible to substitute the battery with a big one, are the battery interchangeable or are the chassis of phone, 1850 and 3000mAh different and not interchangeable? Thanks

  • Mad Paddy

    Hi Andi, Greetings from Ireland and Happy St.Patricks Day,

    is there a release date for the G4, want to pre-order the 3000mAh one from aliexpress, but dont want to wait months, is there any other site that would get a pref with JiaYu.

    • Hi, no firm release date yet sorry. Hope you had a great St Patricks Day!

  • Andrew

    Visually, it looks better with a completely black shell IMO. Hopefully they do one without the silver trim / backing.