ZTE U793 with 2GB RAM costs just $64!

ZTE U793 with 2GB RAM costs just $64!


ZTE have made the rather strange decision to launch an all new budget phone, the ZTE U793 with tiny screen and out of date OS with 2GB RAM.

Bigger is better, faster is better, more RAM is better! This is what phone manufactures seem to currently believe as 5-inch, quad-core phones with 2GB RAM are a dime a dozen in stores today.

Then there are those oddball phones such as the new ZTE U793 which we don’t quite understand!

The ZTE U793 starts off normal enough with a 3.5-inch display, 1Ghz CPU, 4GB built-in memory and 2 mega-pixel rear camera, it’s plain to see that this is a phone meant for a developing market, if it’s not obvious then the use of Android 2.3 Gingerbread should make it clear.

So with this low spec and low price, why on earth have ZTE decided to give the phone 2GB RAM when 512mb would be enough?! We don’t know the answer but we do know that ZTE have been making some odd RAM decisions as of late with some of the MTK equipped phones and hope they sort it out soon!

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  • Gapinho

    I am quite sure it’s a typo. Otherwise I agree.. No need to have Nissan Micra with 100L fuel tank.

  • Marius

    Probably a typo or something. 2GB of RAM would cost too much for 64$. The problem is that it doesn’t support 3G so while it does support GSM it’s a bit useless unless you live in China.

  • it must have been 256 mb insted of 2 GB or maybe 512

  • Camaman

    Judging by all the other low specs the real oddbal one is the 2GB ram. Must be a typo, or an “accidental” slip to boost some sales

  • Eddddd

    Are you really Android users ??? I mean on a daily basis without all having the best-in-town smartphone ??

    Android with 512Mo has become almost inusable, due to the space taken by updates from the Google galaxy: Maps, Gmail, Youtube, Plus etc …
    Add a few other trendy apps and your smartphone won’t work anymore 🙁

    For all those not keen on 3D gaming, this ZTE may be the best choice for a not-only-google-apps android experience !