Neo N003 leaked hands on photos! Launching end of April!

Neo N003 leaked hands on photos! Launching end of April!


We’ve already seen plenty of spy photos of the G4 and X2 but this is the best first look we have had of the N003!

UMi, JiaYu and Neo all seem to be in a race to see who can launch their flagship quad-core phones first. Our money is on JiaYu (at least for the 1GB ‘Youth’ model), but there is a slight possibility they will be beaten to the finish line by Neo.

Neo have been notoriously secretive about the N003, and sources at the company have told us this was due to the phone not being ready for the market yet, so are these latest hands on photos of the quad-core Neo N003 saying it is ready for launch?

Well according to the Neo forum thread where these photos were originally posted the N003 is set for launch by the end of April, citing ‘uncertain factor’ as the reason. Could this mean that Neo are also experiencing an issue with using 2GB RAM with the quad-core MT6589 CPU?

neo n003 hands on photos

Anyway, getting back to the photos it seems that the design has at least been finalised and uses the traditional rectangular ‘candy bar’ design. I know that there isn’t really much that can be done to the overall shape of a smartphone, but it would be nice to see a bit of flare and originality going on (take the Nubia Z5 as an example), unfortunately the N003 is verging on ‘plain’ on the design front, which possible explains the low-price.

neo n003 hands on photos

Branding on the rear is kept subtle, and we can see that the 13 mega-pixel rear camera stands slightly proud of the body.

Like the white JiaYu G4, the Neo N003 get’s a silver band around the edges, and we hope to see a black version with anodised black band in the future.

neo n003 launch date


The Neo N003 is rumoured to become the world’s cheapest full 1080 smartphone when it eventually arrives, and boasts some great features including a 5-inch display, quad-core MT6589 CPU, up to 2GB RAM and 13 mega-pixel rear camera.

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  • Lola

    Why do people keep saying end of April instead of just saying May after all the end of April is the beginning of May right

    • Norman Zakaria

      Why do people put up price tags saying $39.99 when it’s really just 1 cent away from $40? It’s a marketing ploy made to trick ur brain into thinking it’s cheaper than it really is at first glance.

      Same goes for the launch dates of Chinese phones. Early April could easily mean 12th April is it is still not the middle of April yet. Saying end of April instead of early May tricks u into thinking it’s launching earlier than it really is..

      • Lola

        well yeah i know but that keeps the expectations really high and makes you fall for the pre-order trick i guess that’s the point though i just don’t agree with it

  • Airyl

    The first is going to be UMi, then Neo and finally JIayU.

  • I prefer the Neo model instead the umi or jiayu.

  • Fafmen

    It all depends on screen resistance for me, it’s not gorilla glass?

    • sky770

      Yep, It does have the Gorilla Glass 2 display.
      And AFAIK the camera sensor is from Sony (though prob. not an exmor :p)

  • leonardpop

    Hope n003 wil have better camera quality. At the moment i have a n002 – very good phone but the camera is crappy.

    • Lola

      i believe that all phones have crappy cameras.
      but some have ok cameras like maybe sony, iphone and lg,
      if we consider chinese brands then xiaomi and meizu are the best

  • billy

    Hey Andi,

    I’ve made up my mind to try China branded android phone now, so, with the price tag about $300 (the prices of phones like jiayu and newman had been jacked up here in Malaysia, hence RM1000), which phone you recommend? neo noo3 looks nice though with all those specs.

    now i’m wondering about the software upgrade and rooting stuff. how’s the developments going on with all these china phones? is it good? =D


    • Wow $300! could you not get a Xiaomi for that?

      • Billy

        So you guys should know that Malaysia marked everything up. Sigh. With 300$, I can almost get nexus 4. But, buying directly from China won’t make you pay for sirim?

    • Norman Zakaria

      Dude, don’t buy locally. I’m a Malaysian too. I bought the Jiayu G3 for $195 I think. Around RM600. They’re selling Jiayu G3 around RM800++ or $270 in lowyat forums and other Malaysian e-store.

      Buying from Malaysian resellers are good because u can trust them but it’s too expensive so I buy direct from Chinese resellers because it’s cheaper. U can try Aliexpress or a few other online shops like Merimobiles, Android-sale and Etotalk.

      I’ve preordered the Jiayu G4 for $245. U don’t need to spend so much money dude, just search a bit more. Good luck!

      • Lola

        buying from aliexpress is quite a risk actually

        • usman

          aliexpree is not a bit risky…you just should know all the trick of aliexpress like escrow service , etc,
          read thier forums that will help you

  • MH Ananda

    Can I use 3g sim in neo n003? And what is meant by TBH? And dose it support english language?

    • Yes, but it depends on your provider
      Yes, it will have English

      • MH Ananda

        Sorrry bro its a writing mistake.It would be TBA.

        • Ace

          TBA = To be announced, as in , we dont know yet.

  • MH Ananda

    Thanks Ace.

  • Diwas Khanal

    will n003 be available in Nepal? plz reply

    • If they have a distributor there

      • usman

        Hi Andi,
        I am really really interested in having distribution of any chineese brand like ZTE, Alactel, UMI, JIYAU, Iocean, Neo
        so kindly please help me how to get in contact with these companies,
        i am also faceing language problems to get any info about them

  • eric

    which chinese reseller website you recommend andi? i want to purchase neo n003 and iocean x7 both because i like the looks of iocean =)
    mtkmall? android-sale? or what else is better?

  • amit

    what u think about the build quality of zopo umi jiayu neo etc will these phone work for 1 year which brand is best among them

    • usman

      Same Question arisie for me, how is the build quality and after sale service of these companies


    i ask you every where pleas tell the official site of neo 003

    • usman

  • rose

    does neo n003 in malaysia now ?
    And if not where can I buy in trust online?