Archos launches 3 new MTK Android smartphones

Archos launches 3 new MTK Android smartphones


Archos are better known for their affordable range of Android tablets, so have decided to extend their range of products to include 3 new Chinese made Android smartphones.

As you would expect, being an OEM product from a Chinese phone maker, the 3 Archos handsets come equipped with Mediatek chips and in all the most popular screen sizes available.

Heading up the range is the Archos 53 Platinum with a 5.3-inch IPS display and quad-core MT6589 CPU. The phone looks alot like handsets from Zopo and THL and could even be from the same factory. Further down the range is the 5-inch quad-core Archos 50 Platinum, while a tiny 3.5-inch model holds up the entry-level end of things.

Being MTK phones, each boasts dual-sim support, SD card readers, GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G but no LTE. They each ship with Android 4.1.2 and can be picked up from $99.99 to $249.99.

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  • Marius

    I think you got this a bit wrong. According to Tom’s :,22129.html

    These will have Qualcomm SOCs and will be totally unattractive given their 5 and 5 inch qHD screens and price.

  • Derp

    These phones are coming with Qualcomm 8225Q Quad Core Cortex-A5 @ 1,2 GHz, not MTK processors. More informations at their official website.

    • Derp

      The 35 carbon come with Qualcomm 7225A Cortex-A5 @ 1 GHz btw

  • Ace

    on archos’ website they list the cpu as • Qualcomm 8225Q Quad Core cortex-A5 @1,2 GHz

  • darkwing

    Yes, they don’t use mtk. Not even big china brands such as xiaomi uses mtk, i’d like to know why :/