JiaYu G4 spotted running 2GB RAM with benchmarks

We were beginning to think that this day would never arrive, but finally we get proof of the 2GB RAM JiaYu G4 Advanced is real!

JiaYu never admitted to having an issue getting the JiaYu G4 Advanced running with 2GB RAM, but everyone who has been following the MT6589 saga over the past few months has known there was one, however the problem seems to have been fixed and here we have photos and benchmarks of the 2GB G4.

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As we can see from the specs the phone is running 2GB so must be the JiaYu G4 Advanced, however the benchmarks aren’t all that different from the 1GB JiaYu G4 Youth which were published some months ago.

jiayu g4 advanced 2GB

If I were a prospective JiaYu G4 customer, I would seriously be contemplating going for the Youth model with a larger battery and save myself some money and settle for slight slower performance.

What do you guy’s think?

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  1. April 23, 2013

    I have liked 2GB Model as Ram is real 2GB based on free Ram available. Isuue concerning ROM im not sure exactly whats eating up the space to leave 10GB only free else phone is good and might be cheaper than spec

  2. Brian from Manchester
    April 23, 2013

    I was going for the G4 advanced but over the last month delays have concluded that its not worth the extra wait and the extra $36. I dont play a lot of video games or have a lot of simulataneous apps (happy to run Taskkiller regularly) and happy to recharge regularly so I have concluded that I will go for the slimmmer, lighter Basic model with the 1850mAh batterry and buy a portable recharger for the odd occassions I need longer life/ heavy usage. With 64GB TF card in I can pre-load all the music I ever need and If I want the odd video/ or extra music/ pictures etc I can add those via the OTG USB via a mini dongle. Sorted , all I need is a phone now….three weeks to go??? plus shipping time..

  3. Israel state
    April 23, 2013

    im very disappointed ! wait so long and what ? nothing. i considering to buy the iocen X7

    btw : its possible to buy the youth version and big battery? 3000m ?

    • Brian from Manchester
      April 23, 2013
    • Patrick
      May 10, 2013

      If you buy the battery seperate, the website says:
      “Jiayu G4 Cellphone Original 3000mAh Battery
      It is only suit for 3000mAh battery version type Jiayu G4 cellphone,not suit for 1850mAh type.”

      But they do sell a basic version with this bigger battery.

  4. aKp1
    April 23, 2013

    I am waiting for this advanced version since long!! Am a heavy multitasker and ram is important to me! So I would rather go for this advanced version!! Also waiting for a review by Andi of this 2gb version, hope that this doesn’t have any problems later on!!

  5. ivo001
    April 23, 2013

    Does Antutu test he full potential of 2gb ram, or doesn’t it add any points because Antutu can’t measure it?

    • yash3339
      April 23, 2013

      It is a misconception that more RAM = higher AnTuTu benchmark scores. Which is not the case, because AnTuTu checks how the RAM PERFORMS, and not how much RAM is present. Hope this helps.

      • ivo001
        April 23, 2013

        Thanks for the reply. So it is still possible tht the 2gb gives a nice performanc boosts, which can’t be seen on the antutu score?

        • yash3339
          April 23, 2013

          Yes, definitely. For eg, when you have a tonne of apps running. You can expect better multitasking behaviour. But then, 2GB RAM will probably need more battery, although not sure how much.

  6. Digiray
    April 23, 2013

    Just thought I’d give my 50cents…

    On DealsPrime.com they have the Jiayu G4 on Pre-Order.

    The “Youth” version at 170€ and the “Premium” version (2GB RAM – 32GB storage) for 192€

    They state they expect stock in 2 weeks.

    No news on the UMI X2 on that site nor on their sister site.

    Think I’m a Jiayu G4 buyer ;D

    I have a SGS3 and waiting to see what features the “Premium update 4.2.2” from the S4 brings to the S3 before I upgrade (my carrier does decent price relative upgrades and I’m guessing the S3 won’t vary from old SGS and won’t recieve 5.0 Lime Pie) but even if the updates for the S3 are or aren’t decent, I’m after a good/decent Chinese phone for work (so it doesn’t hurt so much if it falls in the sinck while I’m washing glasses LOL)

    So I recon the G4 is on my “to-buy” list… If not, the UMi X2 is on there too… maybe even both LOL

    But mainly my post isn’t to say or state what I’m after.. it’s more informative to let everyone know what I’ve seen on DealsPrimebas pre-order for the “Premium” G4 and shed some light to those of us waiting for a “launch &/or” release date 😉

    And after all this…

    I must say Thanks for such a great site and such great up-to-date info, specially from Andy.

    My RSS reader updates every morning while I’m on my first coffee and having my 2nd fag 🙂

    • Brian from Manchester
      April 24, 2013

      How come DealsPrime sell the Jiayu G4 so much cheaper than elsewhere..is it genuine??? Thanks for the link.

      • April 24, 2013

        Great timing. I have just been asked by Jiayu to write an article listing all their official distributors. I will have it posted in under an hour.

      • Digiray
        April 24, 2013

        I don’t know why deals prime sels the G4 cheaper than anyone else, but last year it was the same with the G3 and the UMi X1, they had the best prices. In regards of it being genuine, I recon it is. I’ve bought from the sister site (Chinagrabber) before and had no problems at all with their products.

        What other distributors/sellers is there Andi??

  7. Hoang
    April 27, 2013

    It’s the sd Card Memory size in the Picture right?