JiaYu G4 sample photos

A small selection of sample photos taken with the JiaYu G4’s 13 mega-pixel rear camera with download link to full size images.

With the first batch of just 2000 JiaYu G4 phones about to go on sale this Sunday JiaYu are releasing more detailed information to help potential customers with their purchase.

The first is photographic evidence from the G4’s main, 13 mega-pixel camera to prove just how well it performs. The selection which (taken by an early beater tester) is only small but gives us a look at how the phone captures images in both day and night lighting conditions.

Below are the photos reduced for web viewing, full size, untouched images can be downloaded here.

jiayu g4 sample photos 1

jiayu g4 sample photo

jiayu g4 sample photo

jiayu g4 sample photo

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