JiaYu G4 1080 video sample

Another great video for all you potential JiaYu G4 owners. Below we have a 1080p video sample filmed on the G4 though it’s 13 mega-pixel Sony rear sensor.

As we all know the rear camera on the new JiaYu is a 13 mega-pixel Sony sensor which is capable of 1080p video capture. In this video we get to see 1080p capture first hand and it looks quite good, with good focus and no hunting for the subject. We would like to see some better contrast but as this is a pre production phone and the software hadn’t been fully optimised we can hope for an improvement when the phone finally ships.

Watch the JiaYu G4 1080 video sample here

We hope to get our hands on one of the first JiaYu G4 when they launch next week and make a full in-depth review so keep posted!

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