Which phone manufacturer should make the first Chinese Nexus phone?

China’s smartphone manufacturers have really been pushing the boat out this year. We’ve seen some great world-class phones from the likes of Oppo, Huawei, ZTE and Xiaomi, and we are going to see more from small brands such as JiaYu, UMi and Neo in the near future. All these amazing Android phones got us thinking, if Google were to team up with a Chinese phone maker for a Nexus handset who would you want it to be?

Chinese phones with Vanilla Android

We don’t imagine a Chinese Nexus phone is on the cards just yet, but with the way the industry is moving it would be foolish to think a Chinese brand wouldn’t be considered sometime in the future.

If such a partnership was to go ahead it could change the course of Chinese phone development! We would get a phone with the latest hardware, latest Android version and at the lowest possible price! What’s more competing Chinese brands might be more inclined to release the source code for their phones on time to allow alternative ROMs and a healthy developer community to grow!

It’s unlikely we are going to see the Nexus 5, 6 etc made by a Chinese manufacturer, but when Google do decided to team up with one of China’s up and coming brands who would you like it to be?


zte grand memo hands on

ZTE are already a huge brand with a monstrous range of Android smartphones and stunning flagship devices. They are no stranger to the international limelight and are tipped to be the first phone maker to ship a Snapdragon 800 powered handset later this year!

In fact we would love to see a Nexus version of the current Grand S (with an updated processor)!


huawei gl07s

Huawei are another Chinese phone giant. Again they have a huge range of phones and seem to ship new flagship phones every quarter (the P6-U06 is rumoured to be their next big launch).

Huawei are unique in China in that they develop and manufacture not only their own phones but also the quad-core processors which power them.

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xiaomi m2a hands on photos

Xiaomi are the masters of high-quality and low-cost here in China. Yes there are cheaper phones on the market, but few meet Xiaomi’s high specifications and fewer still get weekly updates and international support.

However, one of the main draws to the Xiaomi brands is that the phones use the companies own MIUI ROM making them highly unlikely for a Nexus phone, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed.


black oppo find 5 photo

Of the brands mentioned till this point Oppo seems the most likely candidate for a Google Nexus phone. They have proven they are able to produce high-quality, world leading smartphones, and already have a growing and active fan-base. More importantly though, Oppo phones could really do with a vanilla Android install as Oppo ROMs tend to be a little on the ugly side.


production jiayu g4 photos

Compared to the rest, JiaYu is a tiny brand with limited resources but they are growing and have proven their commitment to developing new phones by showing off many of the models they plan to introduce later this year.

JiaYu have proven that they can produce great looking phones with high specifications, but what they need to do is improve their speed of development and time to market. Jiayu also need to gain more experience manufacturing phones running processors other than Mediatek’s, the upcoming JiaYu S1 Snapdragon phone will give us an indication of how they can apply current knowledge to new chipsets.

Anyone else?

We have barely skimmed the surface of Chinese phone makers with this short list there are literally hundreds more and the speed they are growing and gaining recognition could mean any of the smaller factories could have a chance a producing a Nexus handset in the future.

Who do you guy’s think could team up with Google? Are their any brands we haven’t mentioned you think we should have? Are their any current Chinese phones you think would make a suitable Nexus 5? Let us know in the comments section below.

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