Huawei G700 quad-core MTK with 2GB RAM leaked photos

Huawei usually show up in the headlines for their high-end flagship phone or allegations of spying, so it’s nice to see these leaked photos of the Mediatek equipped quad-core Huawei G700 show up with 2GB RAM.

There have been some serious issues with getting the current quad-core MT6589 processor from Mediatek to fully support 2GB RAM. Even though many manufacturers now claim to have solved the issues fans of Chinese phones aren’t yet convinced!

huawei g700 2GB RAM

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Hopefully these leaked photos of the Huawei G700 can put our minds at ease though so we can begin to look forward to MTK phones with 2GB RAM! The spy photos show the new flagship MTK phone running Android 4.2.1 on the G700 with 720p display, it also appears that the phone is running Huawei’s Emotion UI.

According to sources the Huawei G700 will come with a 5-inch display, 8GB ROM, 1.3 mega-pixel front camera and 8 mega-pixel rear all wrapped up in an attractive 142.5 x 72.5 x 8.95mm body. Pricing hasn’t been confirmed but 2000 Yuan seems likely ($320).

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  1. darkwing
    May 5, 2013

    Too expensive, i bought a nexus 4 and it costed $350. Chinese makers gotta go back to reality, once they would make something half as good as the “main solution” for 1/4 of the price, now they make something half as good for 3/4 of the price.

    • Noam-from-Israel
      May 6, 2013

      agree with u

  2. Gery
    May 6, 2013

    Please make a call with a 2nd sim card from your nexus 😛

    • Howea
      May 6, 2013


    • Darkwing
      May 6, 2013

      There iS actually not a good reason to have a second sim, however chinese dudes seem to think iS años important feature

      • darkwing
        May 6, 2013

        There is not a real practical use for a second sim (if you can’t decide which company gives you better benefits you are spending a lot in cellphone), however it has many draw backs, your battery drains a lot faster (and it can built up heat and hurt you). I think chinese mengs use this feature to confuse a lot of people into thinking this is an “extra feature” but is not, all.

        • Lola
          May 7, 2013

          well you have to understand that for chinese and indian people a dual sim is a must i dunno why but from what i read so far it’s a big deal for them
          i don’t see the point but many use it for personal/work, normally here the company gives you a phone for work use so we wouldn’t need that but there’s other advantages as well but anyways
          the nexus is a better choice

  3. mide
    May 6, 2013

    I never liked dual sims do not see a point when I have a two year contract on a single sim that connects to networks more developed than pre-paid sim networks which are not as good