Top 15 quad-core MT6589 phones you can buy right now!

Top 15 quad-core MT6589 phones you can buy right now!


Lets give the spy photo, rumours and promised launch dates a miss for this article and focus on the top 15 quad-core MT6589 phone you can buy right now!

Although many of us have been patiently waiting for flagship quad-core MT6589 Chinese phones to launch, the truth is that many Chinese phone makers have had quad-core offerings available from the start of the year!

So if you are done with waiting and want a Chinese quad-core MT6589 phone now, then here are a list of the top 15.

Top 15 quad-core MT6589 phones you can buy now!

[templatic_columns layout=”one_half” title=””] The Xiaocai G6 is one of those phones that came from nowhere to grab everyone’s attention! Being on this list, the Xiaocai G6 obviously packs a quad-core MT6589 1.2Ghz CPU plus 1GB rAM and 4GB ROM.

A 5-inch 720p 1280 x 720 display takes up the face of the phone along with a 5-mega-pixel front facing camera, while an impressive 13 mega-pixel CMOS sensor with LED flash take up the main camera duties.

Other great highlights include a stylish (Xiaomi Mi2 style) design, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and support for up to 64GB SD cards!

The Xiaocai G6 is on sale now for just $194.99 here. [/templatic_columns] [templatic_columns layout=”one_half_last” title=”Xiaocai G6″] xiaocai g6 miui [/templatic_columns] [templatic_columns layout=”one_half” title=”Bedove HY5001″] bedove hy5001 quad-core
[/templatic_columns] [templatic_columns layout=”one_half_last” title=””]The Bedove HY5001 is an attractive quad-core MT6589 phone with 5-inch 720p display and runs Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean as standard.

At just under $200 you don’t get a FHD display, but instead a 1280 x 720 HD screen (fine for most users). Like the most of the phones here there is 1GB RAM, SD card expansion and dual SIM support. The Bedove also has a 8 mega-pixel rear and 2 mega-pixel front cameras with software to increase resolution to 12.6MP front and 8MP rear.

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The Bedove HY5001 is available for $194.80 here.
[/templatic_columns] [templatic_columns layout=”one_half” title=””] The Feiteng H9500 is another 5-inch, quad-core option which is available now for less than $200.

Inspired by the look of the latest Samsung Galaxy S4, the Feiteng boasts a 5-inch 1280 x 720p display, physical home button and front facing 5 mega-pixel camera. A 13 mega-pixel sits on the rear, while a 2600mAh battery, SD card reader and dual SIM bays sit behind the removable back panel.

1GB RAM and 4GB ROM come as no surprise, but it’s nice to see support for 64GB SD cards giving you plenty of room for media and apps.

The Feiteng H9500 is currently on sale here for $197.99.
[/templatic_columns] [templatic_columns layout=”one_half_last” title=”Feiteng H9500″] Feiteng H9500

[templatic_columns layout=”one_half” title=”UMi X1s”] dual core umi x1 android phone china
[/templatic_columns] [templatic_columns layout=”one_half_last” title=””] UMi might be on a go slow when it comes to the 1080HD UMi X2, but at least the company have managed to launch a couple of quad-core MT6589 phones with impressive hardware in the meantime.

The UMi X1s the updated quad-core version of last years UMi X1. The new model gets a faster 1.2Ghz Mediatek MT6589 SoC, improved Gorilla Glass display and slightly larger 1850mAh battery all tucked in a slender body.

For those of you not interested in large screen phones then you will be interested to know that the X1s has a smaller 4.5-inch 720p display. There is also room for dual sim cards, an SD card plus the phone has an 8 mega-pixel rear camera.

The X1s will be available from today (9th May) for $219.99, however if you use this discount code: umix1s10 you can get a $10 discount at Antelife.
[/templatic_columns] [templatic_columns layout=”one_half” title=””] If you’re a fan of larger display’s then the 5.8-inch iNew I2000 could be for you. Although larger than the some of the other phones here, this Galaxy Note look a like manages to offer similar specs to similay priced smaller phones.

The display is a 1280 x 720 multi-touch unit driven by a 1.2Ghz MT6589 processor and 1GB RAM. While there are only options for either 4GB or 8GB ROM versions the SD expansion bay works with cards up to 32GB.

The rest of the specification includes a 5 mega-pixel front camera, 8 mega-pixel rear, 3400mAh battery plus black or white colour options.

SpeMall are currently have the iNew I2000 available for $224.90.
[/templatic_columns] [templatic_columns layout=”one_half_last” title=”iNew I2000″] inew i2000 phablet white
[/templatic_columns] [templatic_columns layout=”one_half” title=”Zopo ZP810″] zopo zp810 quad-core
[/templatic_columns] [templatic_columns layout=”one_half_last” title=””]

Zopo have quite a few phones which run on quad-core Mediatek chips. The 2 which have made the headlines most recently are the ZP980 and C2, however both of these phones are still on pre-order.

So what should you look at if you are in a rush for a quad-core Zopo phone? Well the Zopo ZP810 is a nice choice with a 5-inch display 1280 x 720, 1GB RAM and 8 mega-pixel rear camera. It isn’t the lightest of thinnest phone in the world, but it performs well and Zopo are known for supporting their phones.

The Zopo ZP810 is on sale for $220 here.

Zopo ZP810 alternative

If you want the same performance for a little less you could also check out the Hero H7500+ which is the same phone for just under $200.
[/templatic_columns] [templatic_columns layout=”one_half” title=””] If you you are not fussed with buying a clone, the UMi S1 is a great looking HTC Butterfly wannabe which feature a 5-inch 720p HD display, quad-core processor, 1GB RAM and 8 mega-pixel rear camera.

Like the real HTC Butterfly the UMi S1 comes in black and red, but costs much less at just $229.99.

UMi S1 Alternative

Although a great phone, you can get a better deal than the UMi S1 if you were to choose the MiZ Z2. The phone has the same HTC Butterfly look and feel, very similar specs but boasts better front and rear cameras (front 5MP rear 12MP).

The MiZ Z2 is also slightly cheaper than the UMi S1 at around $214 and has been on sale much longer.

Miz Z2 alternative

If the MiZ Z2 is still too much and you don’t mind sacrificing some of the specification, a great alternative is the HDC Butterfly X920. It costs just $189.99 and gets the same 5-inch 720p display, 1GB RAM, quad-core processor as the other Butterfly clone but with 8 mega-pixel rear and 5 mega-pixel front cameras.
[/templatic_columns] [templatic_columns layout=”one_half_last” title=”UMi S1″] umi s1 hands on video

[templatic_columns layout=”one_half” title=”MiZ Z3″] miz z3
[/templatic_columns] [templatic_columns layout=”one_half_last” title=””] Another MiZ branded phone makes the list, and the second phablet sized smartphone. The Miz Z3 shares more than just a passing resemblance to the popular Samsung Galaxy Note phones and even has a built-in stylus for writing note or doodling.

It’s hard to pin down the main feature of the MiZ Z3, as it packs so many great functions in to such an affordable package. The display is a 5.8-inch 1280 x 720 panel, there is a MT6589 quad-core with 1GB RAM, a 5 mega-pixel front camera,13 mega-pixel rear and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean as standard.

The MiZ Z3 is on sale now from around $249.99.
[/templatic_columns] [templatic_columns layout=”one_half” title=””] Amoi don’t get much coverage here as they tend to be more expensive than similar phones from alternative Chinese phone makers. That additional cost does afford you a little piece of mind though, as being one of the large Chinese phone players Amoi have a reputation for making great quality phones.

The Amoi N828 Big V is a 4.5-inch phone with 960 x 540 QHD display, 1GB RAM, 4GB ROM, quad-core processor and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. As 4GB ROM isn’t all that much it good to see Amoi have included an SD expansion slot along dual SIM support.

The N828 comes in black or white and costs around $220, and can be easily found on Aliexpress.
[/templatic_columns] [templatic_columns layout=”one_half_last” title=”Amoi N828 Big V”] amoi n828 quad-core MT6589
[/templatic_columns] [templatic_columns layout=”one_half” title=”Star Note 2 N7189″] Quad Core star Note II N7189
[/templatic_columns] [templatic_columns layout=”one_half_last” title=””] Star make a huge number of quad-core phones, but for this list we have just chosen the Start Note 2 N7189 due to the nice 5.3-inch form factor which is great for anyone not wanting to get a larger display but have their heart set on a phablet.

Like the other phablet here, the Star N7189 has a very Samsung inspired design, but we can forgive it this thanks to the low price and great hardware. A quad-core MT6589 processor, 1GB RAM, SD card support, 8 mega-pixel camera and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean are all included, and the phone can be bought in either white of grey.

Prices for the Star Note 2 N7189 are about $180+.
[/templatic_columns] [templatic_columns layout=”one_half” title=””] What’s a list of Chinese phones without mentioning GooPhone. Rather than choosing the obvious iPhone, or Galaxy Note clones we have opted for the more unique GooPhone i9 phablet.

The GooPhone i9 comes equipped with a 5,7-inch 1280 x 720 display, 1.2Ghz quad-core CPU, 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM (with micro SD card expansion) a 5 mega-pixel front camera, 8 mega-pixel rear along with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

Although not exactly a clone, the i9 does look a lot like the ZTE Nubia Z5, but at $199.99 costs a lot less.
[/templatic_columns] [templatic_columns layout=”one_half_last” title=”Goophone i9″] goophone i9 phablet
[/templatic_columns] [templatic_columns layout=”one_half” title=”GooPhone X7″] goophone x7
[/templatic_columns] [templatic_columns layout=”one_half_last” title=””] We thought we would leave this list on a high by keeping the only 1080 FHD phone listed till last! The GooPhone X7 is one of the very few quad-core MTK phones with a 1920 x 1080 FHD display which is available to buy now! (Zopo’s will be available very soon).

The phone is pretty stacked with the aforementioned 5-inch display, 1GB RAM, dual SIM, micro SD, Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean plus 8 mega-pixel rear camera.

Oddly the X7 isn’t the most expensive phone on the list though costing just $247.

There are plenty more!

This is just a short list of quad-core MTK Chinese phones which are currently available from China, if you have any suggestions of MT6589 phones which readers should give a try then feel free to either leave a comment below or post details in the new forum I have created here:

  • MT6589 phone suggestions forum.

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  • Rodrigo

    All these sites are safes? Can I trust them?

    • howea

      ymmv …quite a few people buy from them but theres more than fair share of negative reviews when something goes wrong.

  • Qidamin

    What is the difference between the two Zopo C2 and ZP980?

    • Manos

      The C2 has Aliyun OS but you can install Android 4.2 and 4GB rom the ZP980 has android 4.2 and 16GBrom.

      • Xesco83

        the biggest difference is screen quality… the zp980 has a sharp screen, quality similar to samsungs or sony expansive models

        • Airyl

          They both use the same display, numnutz.

    • lucian

      The operation system

  • Calvin

    Which one of these is better for long term support? With most Chinese phones, you are typically stuck on the software version your phone came with.

  • Scarrface

    I noticed that most of these don’t have the n wifi. But I am still waiting on the Jiayu G4. Any updates on that? And where is the best place to buy it?

    • JiaYu are shipping out pre-production samples now and are getting ready for the real launch. They sent our review sample yesterday so we will hopefully get it over the weekend.

      • Umby

        aspettiamo tutti un tuo commento sul G4 !

      • Dream

        Hi, already have stock. are those items geniune?

    • jeroen

      pandawill has new lead time, august 15….

      • Scarrface

        What?! is pandawill even legit? I have never dealt with them before.

  • Camaman

    I like Zopo and its OEM clones cause they have good support and comunity.
    They just released A 4.2.1. update for their Z(810 and H7500+

  • wolf

    Andi, could you tell us something about the new VOWNEY V5? It is cheap and it has the USB-OTG feature!
    Can you make a post with all MT6589 smartphone with USB-OTG function?

    Neo N003
    Jiayu G4 (it is true?)
    Dakele 2 (Big Cola)
    Zopo C2

    Thank you!

    • I’ll make a note of it 🙂

      • XrainX

        And I think for these large smartphones the glass quality is very important. So if Gorilla Glass is not breaking so easy I think is important to always write about it.
        I will not buy a 5″ smartphone without Gorilla Glass.

  • wolf

    I know two difference between Zopo C2 and ZP980, the ROM (4GB vs 16GB), and USB-OTG feature only in C2 model.

    • C2 also comes with Aliyun OS, but can be flashed to Android 4.2

      • Andersoc27

        Screen on C2 is also unbranded IPS instead of the Sharp branded screen on ZP980

        • Airyl

          There’s no difference in display quality between the two. They both use the same LTPS OGS LCD display from Sharp.

  • poopie

    can i trust antelife???

  • i will wait for 2gb RAM models

    • Manos

      If UMi make it true and has a 2gb ram models that fast this mounth we can wait ! All they are going to run to make a phone with 2gb ram and the new turbo cpu/gpu.

    • dream

      HDC GALAXY S4 I9500 2GB RAM available in fastcar, hows the quality of hdc?

  • Tony L

    Hi ,
    Can i just say , I have purchased 2 x Feiteng 9500’s from Android Sale via DHGate and they are absolutely superb, The screen is very clear and does what it says on the can. A brilliant phone for less than a quarter of the price of the new Samsung Galaxy S4. This was my first chinese buy and can tell you it won’t be my last , got one to replace my daughters original s3 as shes managed to break the glass twice in 3 months! so much for better glass..Also got the phones came in less than 2 weeks (uk).. Well done Andoid sale !! Great service , excellent phone, would recommend to all !!

  • vivek_wadhwa

    single battery thats it in C2
    nothing else
    no other differnce

  • I’d say none of them.

    The only ChiPhone that could possibly have some kind of long term support is the Oppo Find 5 ($500.00+), and that’s just because CM 10.1 has been ported to it officially:

    • Xiaolu

      Xiaomi, full stop.

    • Lola

      well to actually invest $500+ on a chinese phone you might just add a $100 and buy an S4 or don’t and buy the S3

      • Airyl

        That’s why Xiaomi exists.

  • kookie


    can anybody recommend a trusted store where i can buy chinese phones??

    would be appreciated very much,. thanks

  • Jonquera

    Which has the best Camera ?? Please

  • freelander i30

  • Topórr

    Hey Andi, forgot about iOcean X7 Youth 🙂

    • I wanted to add it, but I was unsure if it is actually easily available or not. Seems it is

  • Xesco83

    I’ve an amoi n828 it’s a great phone.. I also bought one more for my mother..
    now is out a cheaper version called n850 , same phone but different colors and aliyun instead of 360 desktop…. it costs about 160 dollars on some sites, 182 for n828 version

    • yeho

      where did you buy it from?

  • Jason

    Hi Andi,

    Which of these have a better camera? Megapixels don’t usually translate well to picture quality.

  • Pleased to see a Zopo device in this list – the ZP810 is a solid Smartphone. I prefer the 4-4.5″ form factor myself so whilst I recommend this model, I would purchase a smaller Zopo device.

    Umi and Zopo are ones to watch for sure. Great post Andi.

  • geekoid

    ymmv, THL is not one of them per example, I believe UMI also.

  • What about the Bedove butterfly model? Is it any good?

  • Andy are they listed in crescent or decrescent way? and for you wich one has the best design?

    • No, no particular order

  • shogun

    Hi Andy,
    Is there much difference between battery-life?
    Some phones deliver 2 batteries. Some say it is because of the poor battery-life

  • Rishad

    hii andy,

    i recently bought zopo zp 950+ but the phone was unusable for me with its 3g connection problem .i did all the things they said me to do but the result was temporary.when it worked it was the best but internet connection often terminated. and so slow i am packing it back with loss of my shipping charges and accessory charges.but the phone was awesome when it worked.whats your advise should i buy any chinese phone now.i am looking for fast processor speeds and good internet connection.Thanx

  • Nokeo

    Okay, so I want a smartphone, that’s cheaper than the like of the brand names, but there is very little info on these phones. Are there any that have the true performance, build quality, camera quality, speed, and battery that are similar to the big name phones?