Meizu shuts up shop in Hong Kong

Meizu is having a hard time of it right now. The boutique phone maker based in Zhuhai is struggling to keep up with rivals and has now quietly shut its flagship store in Hong Kong!

Before the hundreds of MTK based phones, before Oppo started getting serious and before Xiaomi started rocking the China phone scene, Meizu were the number one Chinese phone maker. Their phones have always bee well made and stylish, but their buggy firmware and insistence to use their own Flyme ROM has caused issues to the point that fans have ditched the brand all together!

Although we have known for some time Meizu have been struggling it’s only now that the cracks are beginning to show! At the same time as Xiaomi officially enters Hong Kong and Taiwan, and Oppo are wowing the world, Meizu are quietly shutting their Hong Kong store due to lack of interest!

Meizu still has plenty of stores in the mainland of China, but even visiting one of those you will be surprised by the lack of customers!

These next few months in the run up to the Meizu MX3 launch could be make it or break it time for the once great Meizu, and we can’t help but think if they just ditched Flyme in favour of a vanilla Android install their fortunes could easily turn around!

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