How to install Google Glass on your Android phone!

How to install Google Glass on your Android phone!


Google’s eyewear based mobile computer, aka the Google Glass is only available to lucky ‘Explorers’ hand picked by Google themselves, but that doesn’t mean you can have your very own Google Glass experience! Learn how to install Google Glass on your Android phone right here!

Before you try this out please understand that you do so at your own risk. I installed Google Glass on my Xiaomi Mi2 with no ill effects, but that isn’t to say you won’t run in to problems on your own phone!

Installing Google Glass is really simple thanks to Android developer Zhouwei, who has kindly spent time and effort to create a Google Glass api which you can install just as you would any Android application. Just head over to Zhuowei’s GitHub page here and download then install the apk named glasshome-modded.apk.

Once installed you can open Google Glass like another Android app and interact with it using your voice and the command “ok glass”.

google glass on xiaomi mi2

I tried out a few things after installing the camera and maps apks too and was able to get my Xiaomi to find directions and even take photos by using the “ok glass…” commands. Certain features like making a call, messaging and hangouts crashed the app for me, but you might have better luck.

Watch Google Glass running on a Xiaomi Mi2

If you do decide to install Google Glass on your Android phone or tablet, let us know how you get on with it in the comments below!

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  • Bishal kashyap

    Pls try it on de umi x2 2gb ram 32gb rom version….

    • Soes

      Why don’t you try it yourself? :’)

  • Smhz

    Wow ,you got a google glass ? or you just installed firmware?

    • emka

      Can u read?

      It’s only app wchich can be installed on every phone.

      • Smhz

        Thx i forgot about the moded apk …my bad ~.~”

  • Amartya B

    It works great with cm on my note 2 dont know if this will change on stock rom but then it feels stupid after a few momments and i guess the api works better on 4.2

  • josé carlos


    Are you going to write something about Vsun i1s, launched today (27/05/2013)? The highlight of the device is the screen amoled replacing the IPS screen.


  • How to back after take a picture?

  • Ubelai

    Odd, on my Mi2 I go to install it but nothing happens? Doesn’t show in launcher or home screen.

  • kmrc20

    Yumi xtube………….

  • yannahzinha

    It work on my ZP100 but with some issues. It’s very interesting but nothing OMG. And I felt kind of stupid talking to my phone. kkkkkkkk