JiaYu is already showing the JiaYu G4 Turbo on their website!

JiaYu are already showing the quad-core, MT6589T JiaYu G4 Turbo on their homepage but after such a long wait can we be really sure they are ready to launch?

If you have read our JiaYu G4 review then you will know that we think it is a great phone. The fact is JiaYu are capable of manufacturing great hardware, but what’s going on in JiaYu’s marketing department?

The first and only time we have seen details of the JiaYu G4 Turbo is in leaked photos which included Antutu benchmarks of the phone. Since then there has been no official announcement and no launch date! That hasn’t stopped JiaYu from posting the new MT6589T equipped phone on their homepage! In true form clicking on the image of the JiaYu G4 Turbo actually takes you to the regular G4 specification page.

Many JiaYu fans have waited more than 6 months to get their hands on the quad-core JiaYu G4, many sticking with the company even after inaccurate launch dates and delays.

Are JiaYu really ready to launch the JiaYu G4 Advanced with MT6589T processor, and if not why do they have it on their homepage! For those of you don’t want to wait for the Turbo you can buy the JiaYu G4 Youth now for from international resellers at $249.99.

[ JiaYu ]
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