Another purported Xiaomi Mi3 design leaked with more hardware details

The Xiaomi Mi3 is a hot topic at the moment with numerous sightings over the past few weeks and months. Is this blurry image the real Mi3, or is it another decoy?

If you followed last year’s Xiaomi Mi2 leaks then you will remember that the Beijing based phone start-up had everyone following numerous bizarre looking ‘prototypes’ and managed to keep the design of the then new phone a secret up until hours before the launch. It appears they are doing it again with the Xiaomi Mi3.

Previous photos of the supposed Xiaomi Mi3 appeared which show a phone similar to the current Mi2 but with a more tapered body and larger 5-inch display. Today a new blurry image shows an entirely new design, and one we very much prefer!

The new blurry purported Xiaomi Mi3 leak shows us a phone which looks more like a Sony Xpreria device than the current generation Xiaomi designs. Like the other leaks and rumours this prototype is said to have a larger 5-inch FHD display plus built-in NFC like the current entry-level Mi2a.

Further Xiaomi Mi3 leaks are bound to show up over the next few weeks but will they be entirely new designs are will they follow this current model?

What do you think of the latest Mi3 leak? What do you want to see in Xiaomi’s next flagship phone?

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