What is OTG? USB On-The-Go

With so many acronyms being thrown around in the specifications of new Chinese Android phones and tablets it’s easy to get lost, never fear though as we are here to help. First up: What is OTG?

Many of the newer Chinese Android phones and tablets are listing OTG as one of their main features. Of the top of my head I can list the Xiaomi Mi2, JiaYu G4, Neo N003 and the new iOcean Elite as phones with OTG, so what is it?

What is OTG?

OTG is actually short for USB OTG or USB On-The-Go. Phones with OTG support allow users to be able to connect additional devices to their phone via the micro USB port for added functionality.

What can OTG be used for?

Having OTG support on any phone is great, but it really comes in to its own on phone with no SD card slot and limited on-board storage. In this case a USB thumb drive can be connected to your phone (via a special OTG cable) allowing you to browse the thumb drive and move files to and from your phone (you may also need to download file manager app). In addition to thumb drives you can also connect to SD card readers, cameras, and even external hard-drives.

usb otg cable

Moving files and adding storage aren’t the only way OTG can be used, you can even connect a mouse or keyboard to your device allowing you to be more productive on the go. This is especially useful for Android tablets.

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We have even seen people connect USB powered vacuum cleaners and hand cleaners to their USB On-The-Go equipped phones!

Watch OTG in action on a Xiaomi Mi2

What do you use OTG for?

What do you use OTG for? Is OTG a make or break feature when buying a new Android device? Let us know in the comments below.

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