iOcean X7 Elite to get OTG priced at $244

iOcean X7 Elite to get OTG priced at $244


iOcean have announced pricing and full specification upgrades for the Turbo powered iOcean X7 Elite.

The current iOcean X7 is a great phone, however with just 1GB RAM, 8 mega-pixel rear camera and standard 1.2 quad-core MT6589 SoC, it’s already starting to look a little underpowered when compared to some of the newer handsets. The iOcean Elite then is the phone you have been looking for, which features numerous exciting updates.

The most obvious update the X7 Elite has over the standard version is the faster 1.5Ghz quad-core MT6589T SoC and 2GB RAM. We have already published Antutu benchmarks from the phone which have it scoring almost 15,000 points! The upgrades don’t just end there though, the camera on the Elite is a 13 mega-pixel sensor, there is a boost of internal memory to 32GB ROM, the already excellent 5-inch 1080 panel is now a laminated OGS screen and iOcean have just announced USB OTG support.

Prices for the Turbo powered iOcean Elite will be 1499 Yuan here in China ($244) but we expect international resellers to be selling the phone at closer to $290 once launched.

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    iOcean go gorila glass and we can live together!!!! S2

    • SYHMS

      Yep, Gorilla Glass is a real deal breaker

  • I like it!! I was waiting for the legend of Jiayu G6 or S1…but I guess IOcean stole my heart right now. <3

  • Gigi

    Is there a date for launch?

    • No launch date just yet sorry.

  • Sid

    when will it be available internationally?


    which international resellers? any hint? we dont wanna get a fake one….or even worse, we dont wanna lose our money for nothing…..a guest made a post here about him losing his money…..

    • Jok
      • Lexo_B

        They still including the 1.2 Ghz MTK MT6589 SoC instead of the turbo… WTF… chinese resellers are always the same: they aim to get money on presell but they really do not know anything about the product and/or its avilability in stock…

      • Graeme

        How trustable is pandawill? Seen some bad reviews about them

        • amir

          Use these sellers in aliexpress, all trustable and I am trading with them out of escrow by bank trasnsfer
          Grace compnany
          Nitro Company
          Dandan wu
          Tian Tovey
          Spread the words to help people recognize these sellers , so they can feel purchasing things at ease

    • Ward

      I saw this phone on presell for 305$ and they stated it was in stock on the 15th of June. ( on pandawill) but it’s probably same story for the other resellers.

  • XrainX

    Good specs. I hope the display will be better than the previous version.

    • Matheus

      Whats wrong with the display?

  • Aeonia

    quick question, how is 1 gb ram underpowered?

  • Gary

    Is a laminated OGS screen comparable to a Gorilla Glass screen? Because if that’s the case, I’m in.

    • Matheus

      I might be wrong, but the OGS means that the touch panel and glass are made together, only with a verry little space (air) between the lcd display. I’m NOT sure if its toughest than ordinary glass.

  • Matheus

    Andi, do you think any turbo models worth the price? I mean, like UMI X2, the 1gb non-turbo version costs around 230usd and the turbo one its around 280usd. As we can see in the reviews, its only 2000~ points better than the non-turbo versions. Does this “turbo” thing really worth by its price?

  • Alex

    I agree if the buttons aren’t hidden & then light up like the Samsung s3, s4 and note 2, then why bother. That’s like being married to a librarian who’s a genius but is as ugly as sin. Not the best analogy but you get my point.

  • Geir Vinnes

    I wanted this phone until i saw that according to Pandawill it comes with 2 battaries at only 2000 mAh.
    For me thats not enough for a phone like this.

    • DASDAS

      You can buy a 3000MaH battery @ Pandawill cost jost 20 bucks.

  • mr.key

    band only GSM 1800/1900MHz and WCDMA 2100MHz? also back camera seems to be only 8mp.

  • dino

    hi Andi

    kindly tell me how I can order this via iocean website and save around 30$ which I can use for shipping it to Goa.
    also what will be the best option is it any webshop or the wrbsite itself .
    kindly let me know via email if u cannot reply in forum.

    • dino

      Andi dsnt seem to Care a rats ass can any one else reply.?

  • Remi

    iOcean X7 Elite version on pre-order now for $299.99 at SPEmall, Youth version remains at $219.

    • dino

      I need. It at lowest price which only website can give last time I bought youth at 160+ but my frnd bought itin I want to buy it myself

  • How do you evaluate the G4 and X7 2Gb Ram (Camera, screen, hardware, performance, speakerphone, pin …….. )
    I’m wondering it 2 me

  • Hecke

    chinapadmall says it is available June, 10th.
    I ordered it, lets see, what will happen 🙂

  • Flamer

    I have had two different suppliers in China both say June 15th will be in stock. only 2 days away! very exciting! Same date as Umi x2.. coincidence??

  • Remi

    I advise you get one of these, 3000mAh Large Battery for iocean X7, you’ll need it, price is $16 US.

  • steve

    X7 Elite white model has already released already, and price is not so good, I just bought one from this store:

    • Thomas

      Did you get a tracking number already? I bought from chinapadmall but they are delaying and lying to me regarding shipping now and having it in stock . Over week now they have told me it will be shipped the next day.

      • Mr. Gimenez

        I have the same problem, I bought an iOcean X7 Elite from chinapadmall, and according to them, it was shipped last Friday. I’ve asked them a few times for the tracking number but they are too “busy” right now, they replied telling me to be patient and wait a few more days. The point of having a tracking number is being able to know where is your order and when it will arrive, if I have to wait to get it, what’s the point?

        Luckily I made the order by paypal, if they keep fooling around I’ll ask paypal to make a refund. I don’t belive anything they’ve told me.

        • Thomas

          This may help you. I called paypal today to make sure my order was safe for refund through buyer protection. It was paypal then froze the money until chinapadmall could provide a tracking number by july 5th then Chinapad went ahead and cancelled my order with hours. Just like that. So be careful a good company would not behave like this. I have found many other suppliers anyway.

          • Mr. Gimenez

            Thank you Thomas, I’ve done the same and now I have my money back. I agree with you, a good company would not behave like they did. I’ll keep on searching.

  • Flamer

    I ordered an Iocean X7 elite 2g/32g off ali, received the phone only to test it and find it was not an elite (it was 1.2) and it was 1g/4g. so had to send it back to china at my cost. what a waste of time and money. you can’t trust these sellers. I have no money and no phone now, I can only pray ali will refund me when it gets back to them.

    • Gigi

      What is the name of the seller you bought the phone from?

      • Flamer

        “george liu” from Shenzhen YKST Technology Co., Ltd.(MOMI Department)

    • Thomas

      I ordered from

      I got it dhl express and they were really good about getting my order out right away. Should be here on Monday (ordered Thursday) I paid for express but> After 2 botched attempts with other companies to get this phone I feel really good about these guys. I will let you know how it goes. Use PayPal to protect your purchase. I got 2 PayPal refunds on those deals that went sideways. If I paid any other way I do not believe that would have happened.