Snapdragon powered JiaYu S1 Benchmarks hit almost 24,000 points!

Snapdragon powered JiaYu S1 Benchmarks hit almost 24,000 points!


A few months back we posted photos of the JiaYu S1, a Qualcomm Snapdragon powered Android smartphone phone from the same people to brought us the JiaYu G4! We’ll it’s back again and this time with Antutu benchmarks.

JiaYu released these photos on their official forum earlier today showing off the power of their first every Snapdragon powered Android smartphone phone.

It’s not all that surprising that the JiaYu S1 manages to score 23,977 on Antutu as, if these screen shot is correct, the S1 is packing a 1.7Ghz processor! Possibly a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600!

We can also see that the JiaYu S1 is going to be one of the first JiaYu handsets to offer a FHD 1080 display, and from the comparison photo with the JiaYu S4 below it looks like the S1 has a 5 inch display.

jiayu s1 and jiayu g4

Also from the photos we can see that JiaYu have managed to keep the upper and lower portions of the S1 down to a minimum which has helped keep the larger phone down to a similar size to the 4.7-inch G4

jiayu s1 and jiayu g4 rear

Thanks to 2PointOBoy for the tip!

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  • Daniel

    Will Gizchina be reviewing the Jiayu G3S? Not sure if i should get the G3S or spend more and get the G4?

    • Not in the near future no. We already have quite a back log…

      • kranti saini

        im from india and i want to buy jigyu g4 from china or any good china mobile i want to buy it from fastcardtech after studing i found that its not a trusted or good site is it true or which is good siteto buy

        • Ramunator

          I bought from fastcardtech, got phone then broke it accsidently when flashing with different soft body, send it to them they have fixed it and send it back, my friend ordered xiaomi m2 january 31 but got it only after 3 months, thing is that if you order with paypal is ok, you can get your money back, but they say that price above 300$ suposed to transfered with western union, after this you has no any refund option, would I buy from them again? NO!

  • cw7585


    I look forward to buying one when they become available to buy, in mid-late 2014.

  • kees

    Release date: 2028

    • aaa

      You gotta be kidding.
      They will post launch date in 2028 and we will see hands on video in the mid of the 2030.

      • FTP

        ha haaaa
        But nice to see JIAYU going for Qualcomm Snapdragon powered phones. If only they can speed up then i believe it would be interesting to see the competition between Xiaomi and them

        • Smhz

          This is gonna go up for international buyers
          with pricing like 290+ for g4
          by the time s600 becomes antique it might actually release.

  • Mr.BlackWolff

    wish Jiayu will make phone with touch button lights.

  • daniel

    The worst mobile company I have never seen. The are creating hype for their next model… when they haven´t release the actual model!!

    • Simon

      Whatever happened to the Jiayu G5 & G6 ?

      • G5 and G6 are Mediatek phones so they are likely based on the G4, and shouldn’t need much development before launch. The S1 leaks actually came before the G5 and G6 so I assume this is the order that they are going to launch them in.

        • Anish

          G6 has an impressive 5000 mah battery! (yes you can throw away your tab/laptop/desktop! )

  • aaa

    Dear Andi
    Please stop posting that b*shit from and about this company till you actually can touch the model which is all about.
    Theres no point to post things like that, the phone is probably nothing more than a concept.
    We wont see it in the next 2 years, lot of things gonna change till this going to happen finally.

    • PartyNarty


    • Viktor


    • totally agree!

    • hose


  • cpaun

    Finally a Jiayu phone with top performance! Maybe I’ll buy one 🙂

  • WimVD

    Will it have Dual SIM?
    Snapdragon… Don’t think so!
    So I will not have to wait for it. 🙂

  • BrianJackson

    Looks a lot bigger for quarter of an inch diagonal on the screen! May be its just the pictures why cant they actually align them side by side.

  • SnapdragoNFaN

    To bad it isn’t an 800.. just wondering when will the snapdragon 800 be produced?

    • AFAIK 800 is already in production since a month or so.

  • Simon

    What we want is production of these supposed phones. If they are of a high quality, then I’m sure people will buy. Actually Andi, ask your Jiayu contacts if you can visit the factory for Vlog. Then we will be believers.

    • They’ve already invited me. Next time I’m in Shenzhen I plan to go.

      • Manos

        Andi you should go and take a good camera with you!
        Tell them to make the new phones faster!

  • Shria

    Is the Jiayu G4 youth version available in Europe or not ?? When will it be released ?

    • Through resellers yes. Through the official distributors no.

  • rahul

    2090 release date fuck the jiayu phones

  • wurstt

    microSD slot?
    If yes and the price is below $300 I consider to buy this. I would maybe wait 4 months, not more. Else I’ll wait for Meizu X3 or Xiaomi X3. So Jiayu, learn from your mistakes….

    • I imagine it will (fingers crossed)

  • Simon

    I think Xiaomi Mi3’s launch date is September. Meizu MX3 haven’t got a clue. I will probably end up buying the Xiaomi M2A in July/August and in 12 months time reassess the options accordingly.

    • Mi3 is rumoured for 16 August, but it might not go on sale till October. Meizu are rumoured to be showing the MX3 next month with the launch of Flyme 3.0

  • From UK might just buy IPhone at this rate

    I’ve been following this site for 6 months waiting for an actual phone that has been released with quad core and dual sim. Is one available to buy and deliver immediately or are they all pre orders for the next century????? Link to supplier please or it didn’t happen 🙂

    • Plenty and since the start of the year:
      Hero 7500+
      Zopo 810
      Jiayu G4
      UMi X2
      UMi S1
      UMi X1s
      Zopo ZP980
      Zopo C2
      There are literally hundreds 🙂

      • From UK might just buy IPhone at this rate

        I’m interested in Jiayu G4 and Umi x2 but they have not shipped to UK for the general public as far as I know. Can anyone advise where to buy from, I have my credit card in hand?

        • Nope, you will have to buy them from a reliable reseller.

        • GS

          I have UMI X2 2/32GB just received from China.

          Let me know if any one want to buy it.


    • Greg

      To add to what Andi said, you can order a Star S5 from a reseller on Amazon UK. As the order is being fulfilled by Amazon you could have it in 24 hours if you pay for next day delivery. Quad core, 720p, 1GB RAM.

  • दिनेश चन्द्र त्रिपाठी

    wot about umi x2…. i fr india still waiting after paying in march…..
    wot they umi team run away?

  • chandu

    andi please suggest me about battery life of umi x2

    • A full day as per my use (email, GPS, navigation, browsing and a lot of photos)